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The world has many followers of the Rudraksha bead. And why not, after all, this highly spiritual bead is a treasure trove of many benefits. A rudraksha is the seed of the   Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree and plays an important role in a spiritual seeker's life. This seed is of great significance among the spiritual seekers because of its association with Lord Shiva. It is revered as a manifestation of the tears that the Lord once shed. Rudraksha, the aksha of Rudra brings us raksha, protection, and helps us face hurdles on our spiritual journey. In the yogic tradition, Rudraksha are considered as the "Tears of Shiva" and not just an accessory or a piece of jewellery. It is seen as an instrument for inner transformation. Rudraksha commonly come from 1 to 21 Mukhis, but Rudraksha of 1 to 14 Mukhis are commonly found. Rudraksha beads from 15 Mukhis to 21 Mukhis are more rare and mukhis above that are found in very few numbers every year. Of all these, 4,5 and 6 Mukhi. Rudraksha beads are found easily and abundantly. This guide tells you all you need to know about this sacred seed.


Types of Rudraksha

The number of faces a bead can have varies from a single face up to 21 faces.

One Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Lord Shiva
Mantra: || Om Hreem Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Sun

One mukhi rudraksha is very rare and shastras say this is a highly auspicious one. Generally it comes in the shape of cashew nut or half moon. Round Shape one mukhi with one seed doesn’t exist in nature but we cant predicts if it will be available in future. This is the supreme Rudraksha for anyone who want to enjoy all the worldly blessings as well as get devoted to the supreme power. This is the supreme Rudraksha for anyone who want to enjoy all the worldly blessings as well as get devoted to the supreme power. One Mukhi Rudraksha has all the power to bring you the moksha, wealth, health, and success.


Two Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Ardhanarishwara
Mantra: || Om Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Moon

Two mukhi rudraksha represents Ardhanarishwara, the combined form of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Those who get disturbed by the negativity of moon can find help through this bead as it helps remove the negative vibes generating from planet moon. This Rudraksha helps in harmonizing relations between two individuals (Husband-Wife, Father-Son and Friends etc.) It Symbolizes togetherness and unity gives harmony in all types of relationships. It transforms ones personality and outlook in a positive way, gives emotional stability. It gives a blessing of happy family, improved relationships with all people around as well as getting a suitable match.


Three Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Agni
Mantra: || Om Kleem Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Mars

The three mukhi rudraksha symbolizes the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This Rudraksha destroys all the sins done by a person in his past life and makes him pure on a spiritual level like Agni does. It promotes success, solves all problems of life and cures all the diseases related to women. Three Mukhi rudraksha has soothing effect on ones mind and body. It releases stress due to past sins and helps one to attain success. It liberates the person from obstacles which he is facing because of his past karmas. This is the best option for people who want to start a new life that is based on the recent karmas.  It helps one attain Moksha. 


Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Brahaspati
Mantra: || Om Hreem Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Mercury, Jupitar

The Four Mukhi Rudraksha is said to depict the Lord Brahma and Hindu Goddesses Saraswati. As both of them are the epitome of knowledge, the combination of them helps one to gain knowledge and become an erudite person in life. This rudraksha symbolizes the four Vedas. A wearer of this Rudraksha becomes more knowledgeable since his powers of concentration and learning are increase.  If you crave to get the power of speaking in an impressive and sweet manner, this bead will work best for you! Sharpens ones memory, vocal power and intelligence. Highly useful for students, teachers and those involved in mind related professions.



Five Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Rudra Kalagni
Mantra: || Om Hreem Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Jupitar

This rudraksha symbolizes the five elements namely the sky, air, fire, water and earth. This is the most widely available variety among the rudrakshas. It destroys the “Bad Karmas” of the present life, thereby making the wearer pure and his mind become peaceful and calm. This Rudraksha removes sins of various kinds which have been committed by a person in the present life. It enables them to live their life with happiness and prosperity. It helps one to attain peace of mind by emitting the negative vibes and sins from their life.


Six Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Kartikeya
Mantra: || Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Mars, Venus

This rudraksha keeps the anger, jealousy and mental excitement of the wearers under control. This Rudraksha increases the will power and the power of expression and hence, Leaders & Actors who have to perform or give speeches can derive benefits by wearing this bead. It brings stability in all aspects of one’s life. It also helps find good luck in fields related to estates and automobiles. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is bestowed with Health, Wealth & Happiness as well as all the Luxuries, Pleasures and Comforts of Life.


Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Laxmi
Mantra: || Om Hoom Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Venus

Seven mukhi rudraksha is a highly auspicious one. The seven mukhi rudraksha symbolizes the seven sacred rivers. Helps gain good health and wealth. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha gets wealth and prosperity by the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi & he is also relieved of malefic or adverse affects of planet Saturn. This Rudraksha is also very good for getting Success in Business and Increased profits if it is used in combination with 8 mukhi Rudraksha. Since this Rudraksha is blessed by many powerful Gods and Goddesses, the wearer is able to get good Name & Fame, Progress and Wealth as well as Good Luck by the blessiings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi.


Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Ganesh
Mantra: || Om Hoom Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Ketu

The ruling deity of 8 mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Ganesha who is also known as "Vighna Harta". Eight mukhi rudraksha is a highly lucky one for all people. This rudraksha symbolizes the eight directions and also eight types of siddhis or spiritual powers. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is able to get Success in every venture by the blessings of Lord Ganesha. This Rudraksha also increases the stability of mind so that the wearer is able to remain more peaceful and calm. It improves the ability to face challenges in life. It bestows the wearer with prosperity, name, fame, leadership qualities, artistic abilities and control over senses and control over senses and mind.


Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Durga
Mantra: || Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Rahu

Nine Mukhi rudraksha is among the rare beads. The nine mukhi rudraksha symbolizes Nav Durga namely Shilaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri. This Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Kaal Bhairav and Yamraj who is the Lord of Death and hence, its wearer is no more afraid of Death. This Rudraksha is said to make a person fearless and he is blessed with energy, power, dynamism and fearlessness which leads to a better self confidence. Enhance your energy levels with this bead. It will also protect you from various fears.  It is the wonderful bead for those who want to enjoy and experience the pleasures of this world as well as the after-life ones known as the Bhoga & Moksha respectively.


Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Krishna
Mantra: || Om Hreem Namaha Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: All

It symbolizes all the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu who is the preserver of entire universe. It also represents Gods of all the ten directions whose blessings are also showered on its wearer. All sins done by the ten human organs are destroyed by wearing this rudraksha. This Rudraksha also protects a person from any kind of Black magic, Evil Eye etc. since it controls and eliminates all kinds of Evil beings. It makes life joyful by releasing fears and give power of creation. It increases connection with Lord Krishna and blesses with Joy, happiness and fruitful relationships.


Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: 11 Rudras
Mantra: || Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: All

Eleven mukhi rudraksha is a special one for the spiritual aspirants. The ruling deity of the rudraksha is Hanuman who is the Lord of Courage, Bravery and Adventure. It symbolizes the eleven manifestations of Lord Shiva. This is the perfect choice for conquering your enemies and also to enjoy a sound physical and mental health. This Rudraksha is also blessed by Lord Indra and therefore the wearer is bestowed with all the Fortunes and Luxuries of life. Empowering you with better self-control and spiritual awareness, the 11-Mukhi rudraksha is believed to give you the power of one thousand Ashwamedha Yagyas. Furthermore, regularly wearing such type of Rudraksha enables one to live a successful and prosperous life.


Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Sun
Mantra: || Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Sun

The twelve mukhi rudraksha has some amazing characteristics. This rudraksha represents the twelve Adityas or the manifestations of sun. This Rudraksha is said to possess the Brilliance, Luster, Radiance and Strength of Lord Sun and hence, the wearer is bestowed with all these virtues. Shine like the sun and enhance your leadership skills with the powerful 12-mukhi rudraksha. Keep tension away and inspire your inner self with this bead. 12 mukhi rudraksha gives radiance, luster, brilliance, youthfulness and vitality. It makes one fearless and powerful and ready to take action using his knowledge. It helps businessmen, households, politicians, managers, leaders and public administrators achieve greater success name, fame, and abundance in their respective fields.


Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Kamadeva
Mantra: || Om Hreem Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Venus

The highly sacred thirteen mukhi rudraksha fulfills all desires and makes the wearer intelligent, fearless and highly confident. Those looking for a happy family can benefit a lot from this bead. This bead helps you accomplish the goals and wishes of this world. A person desirous of getting Knowledge, Good Oratory and Debating power should use this Rudraksha. Hence, a person is able to achieve great heights of Success in his life by wearing this Rudraksha. A person is able to enjoy all the Luxuries of life and he is able to lead a happy and satisfactory life.


Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes: Hanuman
Mantra: || Om Namaha ||
Ruling Planet: Mars

The wearer of this rudraksha becomes sharp in thinking and grows powerful to achieve all the cherished dreams of life. Shastras say this sacred bead was produced directly from the third eye of Lord Shiva and hence it is very powerful. The wearer of this Rudraksha becomes a favourite of Lord Shiva and he is blessed by both the Shiva and the Shakti. This Rudraksha activates the Ajna Chakra located between the two Eyebrows thereby giving the wearer an ability to visualize the future so that he is able to make correct decisions. Also protects from enemies and all negative energies. Helps to achieve all the dreams of life. Brings harmony in homes.


Benefits of wearing Rudraksha

  1. The Rudraksha bead acts like a protective guard this will safeguards its wearer from negative energies.
  2. If you are person who is always on the go, this bead is ideal for you. Because it provides you with stability and good support by creating a protective covering all around you.
  3. The Rudraksha bead also aids in identifying if the food or water that we are about to consume is pure or not. Pour water over a Rudraksha, if it moves in the clockwise direction, the water is pure and recommended for consumption. But, if it moves in the anti-clockwise direction then it isn't safe for consumption. Same is the case with food items. Hold the Rudraksha bead above positively-enriched food and the bead will move in the clockwise direction but if you hold it hold over negatively-enriched food, it will move in the anti-clockwise direction.
  4. A one mukhi Rudraksha is extremely powerful and generates feelings of isolation in his wearer. So wear it under the expert guidance of a specialist.
  5. A five mukhi Rudraksha is safe and worn by most natives across age groups, gender etc. Known to bring calmness, this Rudraksha lowers blood pressure and calms down the nervous system.
  6. It also makes his wearer agile and extremely alert and active.
  7. For children, the Rudraksha bead can increase their focus and concentration.
  8. Purity of life, in general, happens by wearing the Rudraksha bead.
  9. The Rudraksha bead is extensively used while doing meditation or reciting prayers.


How to identify Real Rudraksha Bead

To meet the ever increasing demand for different faceted beads, traders manufacture rarely found beads such as the one faced Rudraksha or beads higher than 12 mukhi Rudraksha. There are few methods of testing a genuine Rudraksha.

Cut Test: A full proof method is to cut the Rudraksha bead horizontally. One will find the same number of compartments as that of the number of lines. However the drawback is that by this method, the bead gets destroyed.

Copper Coin Test: It is generally held that if Rudraksha beads are placed between two copper coins it should rotate slightly. This is due to the physical and magnetic properties of the Rudraksha beads. This test requires high level of expertise.

Eye test: A fake or the artificial Rudraksha may look like a real one but in these Rudraksha the facets (mukhis) cannot be made as real as those present on the real Rudraksha. In a Rudraksha the facets or the mukhis means deep lining from the upper part to the lower part of Rudraksha. Looking at these deep linings (facets) with the help of a magnifying glass, one can easily recognize a real Rudraksha.






Hematite is well-loved for being a stone of grounding that also provides protection. It’s known for being black in color and having a beautiful metallic luster and usually is dark in color - ranging from silvery black to gray. The stone often looks like it is metallic because of the iron content and the shine that comes with that. Hematite has been known as a stone of great healing power and also for its ability to serve as a protective cloak. This crystal has been used for protection for thousands of years. However, it isn’t just for protection. A hematite crystal can also keep you grounded and give you confidence. Hematite has been associated with magic and blood. It was used to prevent excessive bleeding in both the birthing bed and the battleground. For those who want to dig deep into the healing properties of Hematite, keep reading.

Healing Properties

♥ Focus ♥ Thoughtful ♥ Willpower ♥ Reliability ♥ Courage ♥ Confidence ♥ Optimism ♥ No more nightmare ♥ Balance ♥ Stability ♥ Protection

Focus: Its super strong grounding energy and its ability to get the mind to fine-tune focus means that you can be sure of getting your stuff done when Hematite is in your eye line. Enhance your ability to concentrate and promoting logical thinking.

Thoughtful: Hematite is a good stone for organizing one’s thoughts and developing logical thinking skills.

Willpower: Hematite ramps up your willpower, improve your ability to stand strong, giving you a deep inner conviction and driving you to pursue your dreams.

Reliability: It’ll make you calm and collected enough that, if people really do need a hand, you’ll be someone they come to of their own volition

Courage: Hematite is used to improve your ability to stand strong, giving you more courage and willpower to and takes charge of your life.

Confidence: A Hematite stone will raise your confidence levels and reward your self-assurance. As this stone brings a deep heartfelt confidence thanks to its ability to stop toxic emotions in their tracks.

Optimism: Because it emits positive energy, it will bring all of that optimism to your workplace.

No more nightmare: If you or a loved one are suffering from nightmares, place Hematite under your (or their) bed or pillow. This will keep the negative energies that cause nightmares at bay.

Balance: By balancing, it is Said to bring your inner energies into complete harmony, Hematite is a great stone for chakra work. 

Stability: The calming effect of the stone promotes stability and helps you see the positive side of every scenario.

Protection: Commonly referred to as a protective stone, Hematite is said to be one of the greatest crystals for countering negative energy. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Keeping you calm and grounded
  • Regulating the flow of blood
  • Boosts your creativity
  • Protects from negative energy
  • Good for circulation
  • Stones for balance and focus 
  • Balances yin and yang energy
  • Lend you strength
  • Balance between the body, mind and spirit
  • Boosting self-esteem and survivability
  • It's grounding and stabilizing stone


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Aquarius, Aries


Those born under the sign of Aquarius find that working with a Hematite stone is highly beneficial. Aquarians are usually independent and creative. They love mental stimulation, but also need plenty of time to recharge. They tend to have a care-free attitude but can be intensely passionate about things that are important to them. A lot of their time is spent in their own heads, overthinking and often jumping to conclusions. Hematite gives them the confidence to believe in their ambitious or visionary ideas. Hematite is good for Aries because it strengthens the will, helping us to achieve. It also keeps us grounded and protected during such times.


What Chakra is Hematite?

A strong rooting stone, Hematite is connected to the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our base chakras are where our confidence, belief in self, and feelings of security sit. When these are activated we feel unshakable which helps us to make decisions that are in complete alignment with our own souls.


How to Cleanse & Charge Hematite?

Cleanse with a shake or smudge (avoid water) and Charge with other crystals

Cleansing your Hematite Stone isn’t hard but it’s not a stone that likes water. Make sure that you don’t cleanse its energies with water. Water can cause your Hematite to rust thanks to the iron oxide content. Instead of using water on your stone you can simply use a soft bristle brush and give it a rub and then to shake it free of trapped energy. Also you can place your Hematite on top of your other rock crystals to charge it up and inject it with some much-needed energy. When hematite is placed on top of rock crystals, it may be charged and cleaned at the same time.


How to spot Fake Hematite?

One way to tell if it’s the real deal is to do a scratch test. You can tell if your Hematite is real by checking to see if the stone leaves a red streak when scratch gently across a surface, this is because iron ore always leaves a red streak. You can also check by seeing if the Hematite is magnetic. True Hematite isn’t magnetic or is weakly magnetic so any stone eliciting a strong magnetism is probably not the real deal.


Final Thoughts

Hematite stones are a great option to introduce into your life if you feel that you are having trouble grounding yourself in reality.  Hematite is heaven-sent, its clarity and focus, its yin-yang balancing act, and its trustworthy nature make sure that you stay solid as a rock. It is known for being connected to the root chakra and for helping to provide a feeling of safety and stability in this world. Hematite can help to keep negative energy at bay and is also known as a stone of the mind as it can boost your self-esteem and bring your nervous system into alignment. Hematite is also good for keeping EMF’s at bay. It’s rare to find an energy that so capably combines logic and creativity in such a harmonious balance. Hematite encourages this balance within you and gets your head and your heart pulling in the same direction. Now you know why Hematite is lauded as one of the greatest crystals in the mineral kingdom, you can begin to use it to enhance the energy in your life. Remember, everything is energy. Protect yours with Hematite.

Kambaba Jasper


Kamabaa Jasper, also known as Crocodile Jasper or Green Stromatolite Jasper. The green color represents the power of nature while the circles and swirls symbolize comfort and tranquillity. This is why this stone brings a deep sense of calm. Kambaba Jasper is well known for its wealth of healing properties. Below, you’ll find a few more ways Kambaba Jasper can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.


Healing Properties

♥ Tranquility ♥ Soothing ♥ Compassion ♥ Nurturing ♥ Emotional Healing ♥ Understanding ♥ Positivity ♥ Relationship ♥ Generous ♥ Grounding

Tranquility: Kambaba Jasper is a powerful stone that is known for bringing calm, serenity, and tranquillity.

Soothing: This is the perfect stone to soothe and calm yourself when you’re experiencing emotional upheaval

Compassion: It will bring energies of generosity, humility, patience, and compassion.

Nurturing: It is nurturing and supportive in its application, allowing the body to access its own healing systems in a natural.

Emotional Healing:  Kambaba-Jasper will also remind you to take care of your emotional health.

Understanding: Kambaba Jasper will help you understand your own emotions and your own needs.

Relationship: This stone will ask you to maintain a positive outlook on love and romance, even if you’ve had not so good experiences in love and relationships.

Positivity: Kambaba Jasper is a positive stone that can help you feel happier. It also promotes gratitude, encouraging you to see the good things that are going on in your life.

Generous: This stone promotes generosity, patience, and compassion, improving your relations with friends, family members, and lovers.

Grounding: It deeply connects you to the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what. 


Metaphysical Properties

  • Soothing effect on our emotional body
  • Rids us of negative emotions
  • Soothing to the nerves
  • Increasing fertility
  • Improve the blood circulation
  • Restoring the balance
  • Very grounding and stabilizing stone


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Cancer and Capricorn


Kambaba Jasper is believed to connect with Cancers and Capricorns more so than other zodiac signs. It is a powerful stone and can challenge powerful energies.


What Chakra is Kambaba Jasper?

The kambaba stone is known for promoting peace and tranquillity. It is able to do so by removing blockages in the base and heart chakras. By clearing blockages in the heart chakra, Kambaba Jasper can help us to feel secure when opening ourselves to giving and receiving love.


How to Cleanse & Charge Kambaba Jasper?

Clean with smudging or water and Charge in the light of the full moon

The easiest way to cleanse your kambab jasper stone is to simply hold it under running water. Since it loves the water, kambaba jasper is best cleansed with spring water. However, your regular tap water should do just fine. You can leave your kambaba jasper in the soil, let mother nature recharge your crystal.


How to Spot Fake Kambaba Jasper?

To tell if a yellow jasper is real, try the knife test. If you’ve got a real kambaba  jasper stone, you won’t be able to scratch it with a knife as it’s incredibly hard.


Final Thoughts

The kambaba jasper is a nurturing and supportive stone for soul searching. This stone is believed to help promote inner peace by calming the mind. It also helps to boost confidence and reduce feelings of fear and worry. Kambaba-Jasper is certainly a treasure because it will make you focus on achieving your desired goals in life! You can also use it to release negativity, and invite warmth and comfort into your life. Kambaba-Jasper is certainly a treasure because it will make you focus on achieving your desired goals in life!

Green Aventurine


Aventurine is an eye-catching crystal that is adored by many for its magnificent shimmery appearance. Aventurine comes from places that have high natural energy.  Green Aventurine is known as the "Stone of Opportunity," thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance. Its winning energy makes it a great ally for boosting one’s chances in any situation. Allow this stone to take you on an adventure and help you grow as an individual. In spiritual terms, the Aventurine crystal is the heart healer. Green Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favour in competitions or games of chance. It is believed to be the luckiest stone in all games of chance. For those who want to shine a light on the potent healing properties of Aventurine, keep reading.


Healing Properties

♥ Creativity ♥ Push forward ♥ EMF Protection ♥ Prosperity ♥ Calmness ♥ Career success ♥ Balance ♥ Manifestation ♥ Good luck ♥ Positivity ♥ Inspire love ♥ Gambler stone

Creativity: Aventurine enhances one’s creativity and motivation and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles.

Push Forward: This stone urges one to get out of their comfort zone and take on new opportunities.

EMF Protection: Aventurine can absorb electromagnetic smog and protect you from environmental pollution.

Prosperity: Along with ‘Stone of Opportunity’ it is also known as ‘Stone of Prosperity’. This crystal will bless your life with prosperity and abundance.

Calmness: It helps you to get rid of thought wandering. It keeps your mind on one particular task. It calms your mind and brings focus and one-pointedness. 

Career Success: It is declared as the most powerful crystal to attract business and job opportunities to enhance the prosperity of being.

Balance: Green Aventurine’s soothing energy balances the emotional body, guiding one toward inner harmony. It’s a stone that works to bring a jangly nervous system back into balance.

Manifestation: A stone of manifestation and magical action. Many users hold a piece firmly in their hand while they manifest their dreams and desires.

Good Luck: If there's one thing to understand about green aventurine, it's that it's a very lucky stone. This crystal helps you to create your own luck and take matters into your own hands.

Positivity: This stone looks elegant and allows for a positive flow of energy to move through your heart space throughout the day. Thus keeping feelings of sluggishness or depression at bay.

Inspire Love: For those looking for love in their mature years, Green Aventurine may be used as a love crystal or added to a Heart Chakra layout as it encourages love later in life.

Gambler stone: Green Aventurine is known as the Gambler’s Stone, the luckiest of all stones in games of chance and competitions.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Balances the nervous system
  • Helps with fertility issues
  • Brings abundance and positivity
  • Encourages decisive action
  • Helps you overcome old patterns
  • Stimulates life-giving energy
  • Assisting in physical regeneration
  • Guiding one toward inner harmony
  • Helps dissolve the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle
  • An opportunity for growth in a new direction
  • Renewed sense of optimism, joy, and hope


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Cancer, Aries, Leo


In the mystical birthstone chart, Aventurine is the birthstone of Cancer. Those born under the banner house of Cancer can be quite susceptible to fear and waves of anxiety, and Aventurine is ever ready to clear out those non-serving feelings and thought patterns in order to make room for a mindset that is sure to drive you forward. As Aries can be a passionate and fiery sign, Aventurine truly helps to reign this in and turns all that passion into a perfect flow, also lending a hand when it comes to taking a gentle tactful approach to diffusing situations. Aventurine works with Leo to build them up to a place of inner strength, so they are better equipped to stop those negative thoughts swirling and instead hone their energy to something that brings them pleasure instead.

For Virgo, this green gemstone soothes emotions and calms nerves, it gently grounds energy and brings balance. This is a wonderful gemstone for Virgo, it dissolves inner-conflict and encourages growth and renewal. Aventurine is another secondary Libra birthstone that has some excellent properties for helping you focus on the positives in life. It prevents the wearer or user from fixating on negative energy so that you build better relationships.


What Chakra is Green Aventurine?

Aventurine is associated with the ‘Heart Chakra’. It was used for many centuries to initiate the opening of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is connected to the calmness, serenity & balance of our human body. We believe that one of the best properties of green aventurine is its relationship with the heart chakra. This chakra point is the center of love and compassion within us, and it influences our feelings of generosity and forgiveness as well as truthful communication. As it is a comforter and heart healer. It is used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional calm. It is also a powerful protector of the Heart Chakra, providing a shield to block entry from those who would "tap in" and use the energy of another.


How to Cleanse & Charge Green Aventurine?

Cleanse with water and Charge with plants and nature

Simply wash with a little warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. By cleansing Aventurine you are able to wash away any toxic blocks it has collected along the way, and this commitment to keeping the stone clean also means that it stays at the pinnacle of its power game. Charging your Aventurine back up depends on the color. Green Aventurine loves to be placed close to plants and foliage for a natural burst of energy. You may also bury your crystal in some fertile soil overnight. The earth will naturally reset its energetic balance, thus allowing you to experience the full benefits of its presence.


How to spot Fake Green Aventurine?

It is important to note that a genuine Aventurine stone will possess that entrancing shimmery quality. This shimmer cannot be so easily reproduced through artificial means. Fake Aventurine on the other side is characterized by bright dyed colors with a very faint shimmery finish which looks like big glitter chunks. You can test this by scratching your stone against a piece of glass or with a knife. Real Aventurine is hard enough to withstand scratching by a knife with no effect on its surface. It will also scratch glass. Common imitation materials like glass or plastic will not leave a scratch on glass and will also be scratched easily by a knife.   


Final Thoughts

Aventurine is an incredibly healing stone to bring into your life. Not only does it turn its power inwards, but it’s also an excellent stone for when you just want to radiate that power out into the world so you can attract recognition for all that hard work. When you feel like it has been a while since anything splendid has rolled your way, Aventurine can change all of that and bring a welcome fortune in more ways than one. This crystal is here to help you enjoy life while sharing your energy and experiences with those closest to you. Connected to the heart chakra, it makes room for a clear mindset and provides a way forward. Whether you want to improve your leadership skills or get a dose of luck, this stone will help you out. Whenever you’re working on your business ideas, have the crystal around to attract abundance. Above everything, Aventurine is your go to good luck crystal. It is a powerfully positive stone that just seems to attract abundance in many waves. 

Dalmatian Jasper


Dalmatian Jasper, also known as "Dalmation Stone", is a grounding stone, in terms of with the Earth and in reality. Dalmatian Jasper is often referred to as the stone of joy, and it has a playful, childlike vibration that can help you release anger or feelings of hurt. The dark spots are caused by Tourmaline deposits, which adds the energy of spiritual grounding and psychic protection to this stone. Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. Let’s look a little closer and see how Picture Jasper can help you out.

Healing Properties

♥ Joy ♥ Relationship ♥ Step Forward ♥ Nurturing ♥ Emotional Healing ♥ Harmony ♥ Positivity ♥ Befreeing ♥ Uncaging ♥ Grounding

Joy: Dalmatian Jasper brings an energy of childlike joy and a sense of playfulness into your life.

Relationship: Its energy improves intimacy by encouraging faith, loyalty & devotion towards your partner, and enhances positive attitudes in your relationships.

Step Forward: It encourages you to move forward in your life and to find your true purpose for being here.

Nurturing: It is nurturing and supportive in its application, allowing the body to access its own healing systems in a natural.

Emotional Healing:  Dalmatian Jasper can help you release these feelings that no longer serve you.

Positivity:  This is a stone has a positive energy as the spots of Black Tourmaline in the stone will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it finds in the surroundings.

Harmony: It instil a sense of proportion and harmony to the system and allows one to see joy in simple things.

Befreeing: The vibration of this stone will help you to have more faith and trust in others, and to let go of guilt.

Uncaging: Dalmatian Jasper helps you to break down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself. 

Grounding: Picture Jasper is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Helps us to feel grounded
  • Repelling or absorbing negativity from your auric field
  • Encouraging you to see the funny side
  • Helps to dispel fear
  • Reconnect with your childhood sense of curiosity and wonder
  • Allow you to move forward
  • Ward away evil spirits and prevent night mares


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Virgo

The energies of Dalmatian Jasper resonate with the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgos tend towards perfectionism, and Dalmatian Jasper helps them to remember not to take themselves so seriously and to have fun every once in a while.


What Chakra is Dalmatian Jasper?

The vibration of Dalmatian Jasper aligns with the Base or Root chakra. This chakra is responsible for feelings of material safety, groundedness, and security. When it’s balanced and clear we feel confident, empowered, and free from fear.

How to Cleanse & Charge Dalmatian Jasper?

Clean with smudging or water and Charge in the light of the full moon

The easiest way to cleanse your Dalmatian jasper stone is to wash under lukewarm water for between 3 and 5 minutes. You can also bury it under the soil. This is believed to both cleanse and recharge it.


How to Spot Fake Dalmatian Jasper?

To tell if a Dalmatian jasper is real, try the knife test. If you’ve got a real jasper stone, you won’t be able to scratch it with a knife as it’s incredibly hard.


Final Thoughts

Dalmatian Jasper is known as a nurturing stone, with its ability to bring out the child within. It helps increase loyalty in relationships by guiding on a path of self-love, and honesty. Its black inclusions are black tourmaline, giving it protective and grounding properties. The black tourmaline in this stone aids in its ability to transmute electromagnetic frequencies; blocking environmental pollution and radiation. Dalmatian Jasper will also work to cleanse and energize your aura. More importantly, Dalmatian Jasper will remind you that it’s okay to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy it!

Cream Moonstone


Cream Moonstone is a warm and bright stone. This stone has developed many meanings throughout the ages. Known as “Dream Stone”, “stone of transformation”, “Stone of  New Beginnings”, “Traveller’s Stone” and “Stone Of Sudden Inspiration”, Cream Moonstone has the ability to touch many aspects of your life. A wonderful gemstone for healing physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wounds. It brings a sense of joy and happiness into your life. If you've been looking to add Cream Moonstone to your collection, below is list of some of the best benefits to look out for.


Healing Properties

♥ Soothing ♥ Creativity ♥ Relaxation ♥ Pregnancy ♥ Childbirth ♥ Feminine ♥ Calming ♥ Positivity ♥ Love ♥ Hope ♥ New beginnings ♥ Intuition

Soothing: Cream moonstone has long been known for its calming, soothing qualities on the emotional body. 

Creativity: Cream Moonstone also encourages creativity and imagination, making it an excellent stone for artists and writers -- or anyone looking to express themselves in a more meaningful way.

Relaxation: It is thought to help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and peace.

Pregnancy/Childbirth: Cream Moonstone’s healing properties have also made it a popular option for those looking to heal female health issues, promote fertility and provide protection during pregnancy and childbirth.

Feminine: The healing properties of this crystal are known to help the user connect to the feminine energy of the moon, thereby opening up possibilities of love, sensuality, and better relationships.

Calming: Cream Moonstone can help you to keep a calm head in stressful situations. 

Positivity: It can help you see the positive aspects of any situation and maintain a hopeful outlook even in the darkest of times.

Love: It can be used to attract love into your life or help improve relationships that are struggling. 

Hope:  It encourages hope and inspiration to allow us to wish, aspire, and flow in harmony with our dreams.

New Beginnings:  This stone encourages one to take on new opportunities and be open to any new beginnings that may come their way. 

Intuition:  Cream moonstone is believed to help strengthen intuition and psychic perception, especially offering us visions of things that aren't immediately obvious.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Express yourself more freely
  • Bring balance, harmony and hope 
  • Stone of intuition and inner guidance
  • Support women's reproductive health all around
  • Connect with your subconscious mind
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Helps reignite your passion
  • Aid your lucid dreaming
  • Opens the heart to empathy
  • Removing negative energy and blockages from all of your chakras


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces


Cream Moonstone is an excellent choice for anyone born under the sign of Cancer because of their shared connection to femininity. Libras or Scorpios is to help increase their intuition, clarity, and connection to the Divine. this crystal can help a Pisces eliminate negativity, enhance their creative spirit and help them to face life’s challenges and changes with courage.


What Chakra is Cream Moonstone?

Cream Moonstone seems to have a particular connection to the crown, heart, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and is responsible for your connection to the divine. The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of your forehead and is responsible for intuition and psychic ability. Also, use Cream Moonstone to initiate an open flow between your heart and solar plexus chakras. You will be given the opportunity to create a sense of harmony between loving feelings (heart chakra) and your sense of personal will (solar plexus chakra). 


How to Cleanse & Charge Cream Moonstone?

Clean with water and Charge in Sunlight or Moonlight

Place your Cream Moonstone in a bowl of water and let it sit overnight. This will help to cleanse the stone of any negative energy. Take out the stone and dry it off with a towel in the morning.  Placing your Cream Moonstone under the moon's light will help cleanse and charge it. The moon's energy is known for its cleansing properties and will help to remove any negative energy that the stone may have absorbed as well as you can also charge it by putting it in direct sunlight as the sun's energy will help remove any negative energy that the stone may have absorbed.


How to spot Fake Cream Moonstone?

Cream Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone. It is a potassium aluminum silicate feldspar. The color is usually a tan brown to a very light Cream these colors are able to be seen easier in direct sunlight.


Final Thoughts

Like the moon of summer which is just overhead Cream moonstone brings shine and lights up you and washes all fear, negativity, and anxiety. Cream Moonstone is a more inward-loving mineral and helps reignite your passion for the things that make you happy in this world.  It has a beautiful energy that can help to soothe and heal the wearer's mind, body, and soul. Moonstone is said to increase our sensitivity to the Feminine Divine, to heighten intuition, and to open us up to our psychic gifts.  It encourages hope and inspiration to allow us to wish, aspire, and flow in harmony with our dreams. It opens us to serendipity and synchronicity. Moonstone is said to induce restful sleep, and aid in lucid dreaming. It is a stone of protection for women and children, especially pregnant women and babies. If you're looking to connect more with your feminine energies and transition into new beginnings, it is definitely a gemstone worth adding to your collection.



Citrine is a yellow quartz stone that’s been around for thousands of years. It takes its color from the traces of iron in the quartz and can be anything from pale yellow to bright shades of amber. It is said to be a “Sun Stone” which keeps the sunlight and gains energy from it. It is a joyful gemstone which radiates bright energy that vitalizes many aspects of lives. The power of positivity, a burst of bright energy, and bringing warm light to frayed nerves, Citrine is like a summer holiday for your soul. As well as, citrine is known as ‘Merchant’s Stone’. It is always used to increase the wealth and profit and expansion of the business. Ever ready to bring good vibes and grace to the table, this sunny stone has an instant effect on the health and wealth of your body, mind, and soul. Let’s delve a little deeper into the sunny rays and healing properties of Citrine.


Healing Properties

♥ Happiness ♥ Prosperity ♥ Generosity ♥ Creativity ♥ Pleasure ♥ Protection ♥ Strength ♥ Confidence ♥ Stability ♥ Energy ♥ Success ♥ Warmth ♥ Enjoyment of life ♥ Spiritual growth

Happiness: Citrine is also connected with the energy of the sun, promoting a sense of happiness and light.

Prosperity: Popularly known as the ‘Success Stone’, brings success and prosperity to wherever it is placed and is a manifestation of wealth and good luck.

Generosity: Citrine brings in virtues of generosity so that the abundance, prosperity and success are shared.

Creativity: Its frequency activates imagination and creativity to enlightens the inner thought process while igniting the creativity of writers and artists as well.

Pleasure: It will increase the contentment, happiness, cheerfulness & pleasure of present life.

Protection: It is powered by the light of the Sun that warms, cleanses, and energizes. Exceptionally protective, it will ward off any emotional or mental threats, as well as negative energies.

Strength: It strengthens your mind to improve your thinking and helps you with decision-making problems. It touches your inner peace to move forward with strength and feel the light of the sun that gives you more power. 

Confidence: When you think citrine, think confidence. This stone is great for "anything to do with your confidence, your sense of self, your actual physical energy and showing up brightly, confidently strongly.

Stability: It is also beneficial for stabilizing and balancing hormone production that is associated with growth.

Energy: Citrine is an excellent stone with part of re-energizing and resuscitating energy. It purifies your body, comforts the region where there is pressure or blockage and tops off it with plentiful inspiration and energy.

Success: Citrine is known for its success and prosperity. It is also called as “Success Stone”. It promotes success which manifests in many ways. It is also called “merchant’s stone” as it promotes success in business.

Warmth: It will bring freshness and warmth to your body to become more optimized.

Enjoyment of life: The citrine stone is celebrated for being a crystal of comfort, joy, and positive moods.

Spiritual growth: Citrine is believed to increase the value in healing the spiritual self, as it is known as a powerful cleanser and restorator.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Helps release anger and tension
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence
  • Brings energy
  • Keeps negative energy at bay
  • It can help boost confidence
  • It helps inspire clarity and focus
  • It can attract abundance
  • Help you to think more clearly
  • Purely positive stone
  • Remind you to go for happiness
  • Help to step up your desires
  • Encourages healthier relationships
  • Symbol of positivity and forgiveness


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone for November

Aries, Leo, Libra


While it may be linked to the birth month of November, when it comes to zodiac signs it seems that Aries, Leo, and Libra fall in love the most with Citrine’s sunny personality. Citrine works wonders with the nature of Aries. Aries can also be highly driven and Citrine helps to channel that energy into something purely positive. Librans, on the other hand, take different powers from turning to Citrine as a zodiac stone. Citrine is an amazing stone for helping this sign align with their own intuitive power and to recognize the weight and wonder of their own inner strength.


What Chakra is Citrine?

Citrine is more connected to the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakras. Both of these lower chakras are related to themes of self-confidence, inner strength, sensuality, play, and creative purpose. When these chakras are open and clear, you can tap into your warrior spirit, nurture your inner child, and find light and joy in life. Golden and yellow citrine is associated to restore the sacral chakra. It will help you become more energetic, decisive, and imaginative. ince it is one of the best crystals for initiating the solar plexus chakra, citrine increases your ability to manifest things you really need and want like health, wealth, love, new relationships, etc. 


How to Cleanse & Charge Citrine?

Cleanse with water and Charge with yellow candle

A Way to clean a citrine is to also take a good bath with water. This might clear all the negative energies that are affecting you and helping you to lower thoughts and emotions. Citrine will absorb this negative energy and turn it into a positive one. It is a safe and effective way to handle all of your chakras and your entire aura at the same time. A few bowls of salt and a few drops of purifying essential oil are also a delightful touch. Keeping your Citrine clean and charged is important if you want to get the highest levels of healing. Try not to expose your Citrine to too much direct heat as it’s a sunny stone in itself and doesn’t require any additional warmth. If you want to recharge the batteries of your bright and bursting Citrine then burn a yellow candle next to it at dawn.


 How to spot Fake Citrine?

Citrine is often faked by using colored glass. Luckily for us, Glass Citrine is a very poor representation of the original as Citrine is a very clear gemstone. If you see even a single bubble inside the gemstone, it's glass. Real Citrine will not have any bubbles at all. Another way of telling if Citrine is real is to take a look at the color of the gemstone. Citrine stones tend to have an even color scheme across them and won’t have any drastic shifts in shade throughout. A great way to tell if a Citrine is real is to look at the stone in the light. If you find any visible inclusions or air bubbles, the Citrine is not authentic. 


Final Thoughts

Citrine is honey, love, lemons, and all things good. It’s a gorgeous stone of abundance and doesn’t shy away from helping us achieve exactly what we deserve and want. It is a stunning investment for your health, heart, and happiness. It’s potent energy and vitalizing properties are priceless and potentially life changing. Citrine is well known for its energies in manifesting your biggest dreams and bringing in more success and prosperity. It is even more potent when you combine it with positive affirmations. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and pints upon pints of positive energy are ready to flow through when you turn to the crystal healing of this quartz crystal. Say hell yeah to feeling good and go for gold with the bright and burning energy of the sunny Citrine Stone. 




Carnelian belongs to the Chalcedony minerals and usually occurs in gorgeous shades that range from pale or intense orange to red or brownish-red color. Carnelian is also known as the Cornelian stone. Carnelian heals the body, mind, and soul in one swoop. Carnelian is your go-to mineral! Let’s look a little closer and see how Carnelian can help you out.


Healing Properties

♥ Emotional warmth ♥ Creativity ♥ Individuality ♥ Memory ♥ Appreciation of nature ♥ Harmony ♥ Courage ♥ Happiness ♥ Self-esteem ♥ Rebirth ♥ Reincarnation ♥ Past life recall

Emotional Warmth: Carnelian stones can help to heal emotional trauma, fix a broken heart as well as you will also be able to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage.

Creativity: It is known to be a gemstone that awakens a zest for life, helps to rekindle creativity and boosts motivation. 

Individuality: It will encourage you to be bold and assertive and to take initiative more often, especially with things that concern you and your well-being.

Memory: Your memory will be greatly enhanced, just remember that carnelian is a stone of power, ambition, courage, and inspiration!

Harmony: Bring Carnelian into your home and boost the harmony and balance that can be found in the center.

Courage: It will encourage you to reach your goals with confidence. So, if you want more success in your finances or business, Carnelian is your go-to mineral!

Happiness: It aids in developing a good sense of humour, thereby bringing joy and happiness.

Self Esteem: If you want to boost your sense of self-esteem, Carnelian can help you to find your inner strength.

Rebirth: Carnelian helps to release negative impressions accumulated in past lives. Promotes a positive outlook on life 


Metaphysical Properties

  • Awakens your warrior spirit
  • Keeps you grounded and balanced
  • Awakens zest for life
  • Helps us to trust ourselves and our intuition
  • Revitalize the soul
  • Said to be magnets for prosperity and good luck


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Virgo

 It is often associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo, or the Autumn months of August and September. Just like how the leaves fall during this time, the Carnelian is a symbol of new beginnings. With Virgos being naturally passionate individuals, the Carnelian can further protect Virgos and boost their creativity. 

What Chakra is Carnelian?

Carnelians are said to balance and open the sacral chakra. Also activates root chakra. Hence, carnelian is a crystal dedicated to the lower chakras.


How to Cleanse & Charge Carnelian?

Clean with water and Charge with sun and other stones.

Carnelian likes to be cleaned in the simplest way with just a little warm and soapy water. Washing your crystals regularly ensures that they are able to shake off any negative energy they may be holding and leaves them wide open and clear so they are able to transmute all they have to give without being blocked.

How to spot Fake Carnelian?

Hold it against the light. Dyed agate will show stripes and natural carnelians will have a cloudier distribution of color.


Final Thoughts

Carnelian is a glorious gemstone for those who want to bring out the life force side of their soul. This gorgeous red-orange stone resonates with strong passionate energy and is all about self-confidence. When you commit to bringing Carnelian into your life, you can overcome negative preconceptions, and instead of basking in uncertainty, silence, and fear, you can learn to let go, to laugh loudly, and to live in willpower and warmth instead of shutting yourself out in the cold.


Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline has numerous properties and associations that make it a special gemstone. It’s generally pitch-black, making it all the more striking. Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding crystal for meditation and healing. Black Tourmaline is known to be one of the most effective and powerful stones that can heal and protect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It’s believed that black tourmaline is a good replacement for stress and tension. Crystal healers see the black gemstone as one that can inspire a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstance, as well as stimulate a sense of altruism. Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of Black Tourmaline.


Healing Properties


♥ Relaxation ♥ Happiness ♥ Grounding ♥ Vitality ♥ EMF protection ♥ Balance ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Healing ♥ Strength ♥ Tolerance ♥ Protection ♥ Optimism

Relaxation: Black Tourmaline clears negative energies from your aura and promotes a relaxed and laid back attitude to life.

Happiness: If you’re looking for a stone or a crystal that will bring you good luck and happiness, you need not look far. Black Tourmaline is a stone for good luck and so much more.

Grounding:  Black Tourmaline is also a great gemstone to keep you grounded to the earth. A good sense of being rooted maintains your root chakra pure and balanced.

Vitality: Black Tourmaline increases physical vitality, replacing tension and stress with the ability to view the world objectively with clear, rational thought and neutrality. 

EMF Protection: If you have multiple gadgets at home, especially if it emits radiation or EMF, placing a black tourmaline is recommended to lessen its adverse effects on your body. 

Balance: Bye to negative energies and hi to positive ones that provide balance and calmness!

Positive Transformation: It inspires a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances, and stimulates altruism and practical creativity. 

Healing: Its supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system.

Strength: It is seen as a symbol of strength. Carrying pieces of Black Tourmaline tumbled stones with you can strengthen your fortitude and help you survive in a very negative environment.

Tolerance: Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others, taking you deep into yourself, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. It banishes any feeling of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

Protection: Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that is very good for keeping negative vibrations away from your aura and out of your body space.

Optimism: Black Tourmaline should always be close to you so that you will always have good health, happiness, good luck, and optimism.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Encourages confidence and truth seeking
  • Cuts through anxious thoughts 
  • Strong grounding forces
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Improves immunity
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Encourage clear thinking
  • Protect you against misfortune
  • Balance and open all your chakras



Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn


As an October birthstone, Black Tourmaline is a match for Libras and Scorpios but is also incredibly well suited to Capricorns. Black Tourmaline helps Librans to stay strong and feeling protected inviting them a secure space in which to share their thoughts and ideas when needed. Black Tourmaline is a stress dissolver for the Libra star sign.  For Scorpios, Black Tourmaline can help them with their indecisive and conflict avoidance traits. For Capricorn, Black Tourmaline may help you to grow a little bit of a thicker skin. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive but if you find it is getting in the way of your self-confidence, esteem levels, and ability to ease up in social settings, Black Tourmaline will also help Scorpios to be less demanding and Capricorns to be more expressive.


What Chakra is Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline, along with other dark-colored stones, has a vibration that is closely aligned to the Base or Root chakra. Black Tourmaline improves the balance of your root chakra. When our root chakra is balanced we can enjoy heightened confidence and a sense of balance. It also help you balance and open all your chakras.


How to Cleanse & Charge Black Tourmaline?

Cleanse with water and Charge by smudging or in moonlight

Since Black Tourmaline is so efficient at absorbing the harmful electromagnetic waves from gadgets and devices, you may find that you need to cleanse. You can use natural, running water from a spring or stream to cleanse your stone or simply hold the crystal under your tap. It’s useful to recite or focus on a cleansing mantra while you work. A popular and simple way to cleanse your crystal is to smudge it in the smoke of a healing herb like sage, sweetgrass, cedar, frankincense or lavender.  You can either keep your stone under the new moon or full moon to charge it. Many believe that subjecting crystals to the moonlight can help recharge their positive energies.


How to spot Fake Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline is a hard stone that shouldn’t suffer damage when being scratched by a knife. Try doing a scratch test with the help of knife or a very sharp needle will be able to scratch hard plastic, but not tourmaline. If the needle easily leaves a mark on the stone, it is unlikely that the stone is real black tourmaline. If the stone stays intact and doesn’t display scratch marks from a knife or steel nail then it’s probably the real deal. You can also check the gem for long vertical lines and in the case of tumbled Black Tourmaline you should still be able to feel cracks and fissures.


Final Thoughts

You have nothing to fear when you have Black Tourmaline close to you. Not only can it help ground you, but it can also be an excellent source of protection. Black Tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity. Wherever these stones are located, they will purify your space. They will suck all the negative energies from their surroundings and convert them to positive energy. Black Tourmaline should always be close to you so that you will always have good health, happiness, good luck, and optimism. It effectively helps the wearer be absolved of dark feelings, turning these anxious vibrations into a positive spin that nurtures the soul. This is definitely a powerful stone to have in your collection. Not only powerful and protective; it’s also a beautiful stone that can bring you joy, love, confidence, and good health. It brings plenty of benefits to your health and well-being. It’s definitely a must-have!

Black Obsidian


Obsidian is not really a gemstone or a crystal. Black obsidian is a deep black stone that when tumbled or sculpted, has a shiny surface. Black obsidian stone is also known as volcanic glass, xaga, and royal agate because of the depth of its colour. In simple terms, black obsidian is black volcanic glass. It’s magma that erupted from a volcano, cooled, and solidified. Black Obsidian has powerful properties, a very strong ability to absorb. As a spiritual cleanser because of its ability to absorb psychic smog and help to see things more clearly. The meaning of Obsidian is safety and grounding. For those who want to look a little closer at the deeply protective and grounding stone, keep reading.


Healing Properties

♥ Purification ♥ Transformation ♥ Spiritual cleanser ♥ Grounding ♥ Spirit guide ♥ Practicality ♥ Protection ♥ Courage ♥ Truth ♥ Healing

Purification: It purify the atmosphere of negative spiritual influences and represents protection against psychic attacks. 

Transformation: It can be the stone that brings you the most transformational experience to your life.

Spiritual cleanser: It is also known as a spiritual cleanser because of its ability to absorb psychic smog and help to see things more clearly.

Grounding: The Black Obsidian stone is primarily a grounding stone, it attaches you to grounding energy from the earth. 

Spirit Guide: If you feel you have difficulty reaching your spirit guide, Obsidian is the perfect companion stone to bridge the gap between your physical and spiritual body and your spirit guide.

Practicality: You will be more practical in your approach. You will not let your emotions take over, but you will do the right thing.

Courage: Obsidian gives you all the courage you need to explore the unknown, embrace who you truly are, and to dissolve old traumas and stop holding onto all that which is no longer serving you.

Protection:  This stone is highly protective and can be a dab hand at keeping negative energies at bay and helping you keep your head high no matter what. 

Truth: Obsidian stands for the truth in all – the pretty and the ugly, the good and the bad. It will surely help you to better understand both the light and darkness in your soul

Healing: This stone has the power to remove all kinds of stress, fatigue, and guilt from the body, thus healing it moderately. 

Clear past: Giving a deep soul healing, Obsidian goes back to past lives to heal discharging emotions or trauma that carried forward into the present, bringing back the clarity to emotions.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Remove unwanted energy
  • Has mirror like qualities to see into other realms
  • Clears negative energy
  • Keeps circulation flowing
  • Encourages deep tissue healing
  • Awaken and stimulate the gift of prophecy
  • Ground you to the earth, and ground your spirit and body
  • Protect you during contact with guides
  • Shield against self-deprecating thoughts


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Scorpio, Sagittarius


Obsidian is an amazing amulet for Scorpios. Scorpios tend to be fiery, passionate, and intense. While the intense energy of the Scorpio can be advantageous, it’s also important to stay protected when burning up with all this emotion.  Sagittarians are another sign that suit the Obsidian Stone. As a birthstone, Obsidian and the often adventurous and honest Sagittarian are a match made in heaven. They complement each other beautifully in their powers. Black Obsidian serves as the protector. Obsidian keeps you grounded in a way that doesn’t make you feel bound and gagged. It simply sends the excess energy flowing down to the ground to be absorbed by Mother Earth.


What Chakra is Black Obsidian?

Obsidian has the first primary chakra called base chakra, also known as the root chakra. with the root chakra which are good for grounding or defining stability. the power of Obsidian to help tap into that third eye chakra. They believed the mirror-like qualities of Obsidian could provide a glimpse into another realm and could guide the way towards higher knowledge and cosmic consciousness. The Black Obsidian Stone is also known for helping out when it comes to your solar plexus chakra, it helps dissolve blockages in the solar plexus chakra.

How to Cleanse & Charge Black Obsidian?

Cleanse with water or smudge and Charge with moonlight or a singing bowl

As a protective and grounding gemstone, Obsidian needs to be cleansed, recharged, and activated regularly. Clearing your Obsidian gemstone is as easy as running it underwater. There are several different ways to cleanse crystals. You may want to cleanse it with smoke by burning an herb like palo santo, cedar, or sage. You can also wash it in flowing water. Also you can use the rainwater to clean it, the more natural the more helpful for the stone to regain its energy produced when wearing it.  For charging, many stones and crystals love moonlight. You can charge and cleanse your Black Obsidian stone in the lunar energy by setting it outside when the moon is at its largest and brightest. Although, using this sound method to cleanse and restore your Obsidian is a great way to bridge with the Obsidian’s vibrations, balance it and harmonize it with positive energy.


How to spot Fake Black Obsidian?

It can be tricky to determine whether your black obsidian stone is real, but the best way to go about it is to examine the surface of the stone. True Obsidian will have a shiny glassy appearance and will feel smooth to the touch. It’s a natural glass so will have similar properties to glass although it will feel slightly harder and may have sharper edges. Fake obsidian will be lighter than the real stone. Real obsidian has a hardness of about 5.5, which means that it’s easy to chip, break, or scratch.


Final Thoughts

Black Obsidian is as dark as night and is a powerful tool for those seeking protection, grounding, deep-set healing and tearing the fabric of falsity to find the truth. Obsidian meanings can give a life full of peace, self-love, patience, and happiness. This stone will work very hard to release all toxins and negativity from your life. Black obsidian crystals are said to be some of the luckiest of them all. They turn bad luck into good and are particularly useful when it comes to financial gains. By showing us a reflection of ourselves, black obsidian can give us more clarity around aspects that we may need to focus on or release, so this is another possible way to work with this stone. Adding a Black Obsidian stone to your practices, home, and workspace can help protect you from the bad energy of others and help absorb malicious energy from your aura. Hence, Black Obsidian brims with protective powers and can be a great stone for helping you to welcome healing all while staying safe. 




Aquamarine, the dazzlingly blue, has one of the most unique hues amongst precious stones. Its rich colour has long been a symbol of youthfulness, good health and hope. The power of gemstones or healing crystals has paved their way in the ultramodern world with its breathtaking beauty, vibrant colours, and powerful benefits. As the saying goes 'Beauty speaks for itself', this stone beauty soothes the mind, calms the eyes, gives satisfaction and makes life meaningful. Beauty inspires and this is exactly what marks its importance.  Above all it was believed to be a beautiful healer; a crystal that carried the surge of strong healing vibes that brought great relief to the body, mind and soul. The meaning of Aquamarine is emotional clarity. Let’s take a look at the glorious healing vibes of the pale blue Aquamarine stone.

Healing Properties

♥ Cleansing ♥ Meditation ♥ Serenity ♥ Peace ♥ Courage ♥ Balance ♥ Tranquility ♥ Inner power strength ♥ Soothing ♥ Calming ♥ Safe travel on water

Cleansing: Aquamarine is a very useful stone for cleansing and aligning your chakras as well as it will cleanse away the bad energies of the past and strengthen the present so that you will enjoy the future.

Meditation: Aquamarine is also an amazing meditation tool as it connects us to our higher levels of consciousness as well our higher self, making it a great stone to work with during meditation.

Serenity: The blue green coloring instantly promotes serenity, bringing a wash of relief to a scorched and frayed soul.

Peace: Aquamarine can brings the peace and harmony of the beautiful flowing water. It calms down the mind and soothes it.

Courage: The gem is seen as a stone of courage and helps people overcome any anxieties associated with communication, such as a fear of public speaking.

Balance: Aquamarine is supposed to help balance body’s energy flow by restoring the body’s physical and emotional balance.

Tranquility: It is associated with peace and tranquillity and can rid you of the feelings of turmoil or self-doubt that plague so many of us.

Inner power strength: The Aquamarine is also called the Stone of Courage, paying homage to the inner strength.

Soothing: Aquamarine stone is said to offer soothing vibes. With its powerful natural properties of water, it is trusted to assist with emotional turmoil and anger issues.

Calming:  It is a stunning stone to behold, a beautiful blue that fills the heart with calm. 

Safe travel on water: As travel stones, Aquamarine tumbled stones will protect you whenever you journey by water. They will remove your fear of the water and protect you when you’re traveling long distances.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Inspires truth, trust, and letting go
  • Soothes fears and increases sensitivity
  • Promotes self-expression
  • Boosts Decision-Making Power
  • Mental Health
  • Sharpens intuition
  • A stone of courage
  • Protection and fearlessness too
  • Deepen relationship with the universe
  • Bring good luck on the open waters
  • It regulates hormones and growth


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


A water stone, aquamarine is connected to Pisces and Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer. It is also connected to the signs of Gemini and Libra. It's a belief that this gemstone balances the chakras and stabilizes the life of a Pisces and Aquarius. It may not be your birthstone, but all those born under the Gemini star sign, Aquamarine makes a perfect stone for you too. Again, it’s this light as air, go with the flow nurturing that you need. Gemini’s are hugely joyful creatures, but sometimes their overactive minds can drag them down into a whirlpool.


What Chakra is Aquamarine?

The energy of Aquamarine align closely with the Throat Chakra and also with the Third Eye. The Throat chakra is the voice of the body. When this chakra is blocked or out of balance, our communicative abilities are compromised. Use Aquamarine to help you to clear and cleanse your Throat chakra. The alignment of the chakras can be improved by the balancing properties of aquamarine. It has a special connection to the throat chakra and can help to improve communication. This is the perfect stone to keep by you while meditating since it protects your aura and cleanses your essence. If placed on the third eye Chakra, it improves clairvoyance, divination, and intuition. Also, it works to improve vision in a more literal way as well for those with conditions involving the eye, keeping these from getting worse.


How to Cleanse & Charge Aquamarine?

Cleanse with water/saltwater and Charge for a sort time in sunlight

It always helps to keep your gemstones cleansed and clear so they are able to be recharged with energy ready for the next round. To keep it clean you can submerge it in water for a few hours or if you want a quicker cleaning, use warm soapy water to wash away the toxicities and rinse well. Soak your crystal in saltwater overnight (or longer). This can be an especially good way to cleanse aquamarine, given its connection to the ocean. Also you can charge for a couple of hours in sunlight.


 How to spot Fake Aquamarine?

The best way to identify a real aquamarine stone is by looking at its colour. In its natural form, they have a pale blue colour, which is similar to seawater. They may have a slight green or yellow tint as well. Naturally occurring gems have excellent clarity and transparency. The hardness of the stone is another feature you can use to identify the stone. Aquamarine stones are hard and they don’t get scratches easily. However, they can easily scratch glass and other such surfaces. So, if you find visible scratches then that’s a fake one. Glass is warm to touch while aquamarine is usually cool. If the stone has bubbles, it is probably glass.


Final Thoughts

Aquamarine is an amazing stone for those who are drawn to the cleansing energy of water. Its name even translates to water of the sea in Ancient Greek. If you seek psychic, emotional, and spiritual development, then Aquamarine is one of the best stones that you can use for this purpose. Its bright, clear energy and relationship to the water element will “wash away” the fear and self-imposed restraints that prevent so many people in this world from reaching their full psychic potential. In addition, aquamarine can relieve tension and reduce feelings of stress, anger or frustration; it also helps eliminate negative emotions by promoting a positive outlook on life. Aquamarine is a very personal stone that you should always keep close by as a way to stay connected with your spirit guides and higher self. Overall, aquamarine has a soothing energy that can bring balance and calm to your life. Thus, aquamarine represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth.



Turquoise stone is a greenish-blue or sky-blue colour Gemstone. Plunge right into soft still sky-blue waters and cleansing calm energy as you say yes to all that Turquoise has to bring to the table. This beautiful blue stone simmers with all the shades of the ocean, connecting to the throat chakra so you can speak your truth, and ensuring that your inner critic stays shushed. It is a stone of well being with protective properties that help to ward off the negative energy. Blue Turquoise stone is all about cleansing negative energy and bringing good fortune. Turquoise will enhance your spirituality by opening your heart and clearing your thoughts. Here are a few more benefits of bringing the calm essence of blue into your life.


Healing Properties

♥ Purification ♥ Serenity ♥ Protection ♥ Wisdom ♥ Balance ♥ Strength ♥ Friendship ♥ Love ♥ Positive thinking ♥ Encourage communication ♥ Calming

Purification: As stones of purification, Turquoise stones clear the electromagnetic smog or pollution in your environment.

Serenity: The healing energies of these stones have good benefits on your moods and emotions by balancing them and surrounding you with peace and serenity.

Protection: Turquoise symbolism offers protection against danger, particularly your personal health.

Wisdom: Turquoise will bring you energies of wisdom and understanding that will encourage creative problem-solving.

Balance: This stone can absorb the negativities and imbalances in your life and release you from your financial strains. They can bring your personal energies back into balance.

Strength: Turquoise is a strengthening stone and is very good at dissolving feelings of self-pity, martyrdom, or instances of self-sabotage.

Friendship: It will ensure that the friendship will always be there, even if you’re experiencing challenging times.

Love: Turquoise will stimulate romantic love. It will ensure that positive love energies will continue to flow in your relationship and everything you do. Turquoise will give you the confidence to speak without self-consciousness or embarrassment, which is always useful at the beginning of a new relationship.  

Positive thinking: This stone will help you stay anchored and grounded, and it will strengthen your positive outlook.

Encourage Communication: Due to its blue color, it also has a throat chakra for clear speaking and public speaking also includes all types of communication. It was described to help people who were struggling to express the truth or stand up for what needed to be said.

Relaxation: Turquoise provides comfort and relaxation that will support our physical body. 

Calming: This stone emits a cooling and calming energy that brings clarity to the mind and improves concentration.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Promotes inner harmony
  • Combats depression and fatigue
  • Improves self-realization 
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Develop intellectual ability and memory
  • Protects us from evil powers like ghosts, witchcraft
  • Improve Eyesight
  • Clarity of mind
  • Removes all kinds of negative and evil energy
  • Relieves stress and brings focus back
  • Induce wisdom


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces


Turquoise is the natural birthstone for those born in December and for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (Nov 22 to Dec 21). This crystal will enhance the optimistic, good-humored, spontaneous natures of many Sagittarians.  One of the more negative traits of Sagittarius is their tendency to get bored easily and move on from relationships very quickly. Turquoise can help to mitigate this tendency with its properties of fidelity and loyalty. Turquoise is an excellent stress reliever for Scorpios, who tend to overexert themselves at work. The Aquarius lucky color is Turquoise, which increases focus and spiritual tuning whilst clarifying the purpose of one in life. Turquoise is a useful meditative stone for Pisces, as its energy is both soothing and empowering at the same time.

What Chakra is Turquoise?

Turquoise is associate with heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra. The stone’s uplifting energy can open the heart chakra. Turquoise vibrates strongly with the higher heart, so you can expect yourself to become more understanding and compassionate towards your partner when they have their shortcomings or moments of weakness. They also promote truthful and clear communication from your heart. Being a Throat Chakra stone, Turquoise helps to heal all issues in that area.  It works closely with our throat chakra which is the core of our communication and feeling heard – both of which add to our sense of self-worth. Turquoise is ideally suited to working with the Third Eye chakra. It has the power to clear any blockages in this chakra and to awaken your latent psychic intuition.


How to Cleanse & Charge Turquoise?

Cleanse with water or smudging and Charge by moonlight

Turquoise loves to be cleansed gently with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush if you have one spare. Always make sure to rinse thoroughly and be certain to dry as soon as possible to keep your Turquoise gleaming in gorgeousness. If you want to charge up your turquoise then it loves to be smudged with sage or any other of your favorite herbs. It also loves to sit beneath the moon for a night so it can soak up all these luminous lunar vibes. If you want to keep the shimmering high shades of your Turquoise dressed in green and blue then avoid leaving in direct sunlight as this can cause the coloring to fade.


 How to spot Fake Turquoise?

Turquoise is naturally a soft stone, but howlite (the turquoise imitation), is even softer. This means that if you scratch your stone and it scratches easily, you most likely have a piece of howlite. But if it's very difficult to scratch your stone, you've got genuine turquoise! Also, you can heat up a needle and placed over the gemstone if the surface starts melting or you smell burnt plastic then it is surely a fake which made of resin or plastic.


Final Thoughts

Turquoise is both beautiful and elegant. It is also an excellent healing stone that can heal a wide array of ailments in the body, heart, mind, and spirit. It is associated with the meanings of good luck, energy, wisdom, creativity, patience, loyalty, wisdom, serenity, friendship, joy, and love. When you work with this stone’s energies, no problem will be too big, and no struggle will be too challenging. Turquoise assists to connect with spirit and leads the energy of the sky down to earth. These stones center, ground, and harmonize your energies while revitalizing your body. They also give you peace of mind and allow you to have creative expression. When the energies of these stones are close to your personal auric field, you can use them to boost your creativity and share your own truth with courage. You will find it easy to communicate and to express your feelings. It’s a stone that brings good luck, heals old wounds, and generally weaves more life affirming fortune into your world – Turquoise is just the stone you need.



Sunstone is a really beautiful stone with a deeply rich history and many magical benefits and uses. Sunstone holds a golden warmth unlike no other and is found in large masses in the earth. It’s rich reddish-orange facets contain all the healing power as the star, which shines high in our sky. Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others.  Sunstone is dazzling and abundant, and just looking at it will fill your home with joy and happiness and immerse you in the name of fairness and fortune. The spiritual meaning of Sunstone is the representation of the ultimate energetic source of light, warmth, and life on our planet. Moreover, this beautiful and shimmery crystal exudes positive energy and is believed to be an exceptional good luck stone for those who compete in sports and other activities. To find out more about the sunny kiss of Sunstone keep on reading.


Healing Properties

♥ Freedom ♥ Encourage ♥ Sensuality ♥ Romance ♥ Sexuality ♥ Independence ♥ Luck ♥ Joyful ♥ Positivity ♥ Creativity ♥ Strength ♥ Intuition

Freedom: Sunstone is all about freedom, self-empowerment, and independence, and this stone can indeed be your best companion!

Encourage: Sunstone will remind you that you are doing a good job building a life for yourself. This stone will encourage you to keep working hard to achieve your dreams. the sunstone carries with it the energies of inspiration and originality.

Sensuality: It will heighten your sensuality and give romance a surge of freshness.

Romance: Sunstone is also a stone of romance. With the help of your sunstone, you will be stronger and better at love and romance.

Sexuality: Sunstone will stimulate sexual arousal and increase your sexual energy. It will help you become a more passionate and sensitive lover. It will even address problems related to sexual dysfunction!

Independence: It’s a stone of leadership, deeply connected with feelings of independence, personal power, creativity, and groundedness.

Luck: Sunstone is a good luck crystal when you are joining competitions.  Sunstone can also encourage your self-belief, and for many of us, this is the best way to attract good luck!

Joyful: Sunstone is a joyful stone because it reflects the qualities of light. It invites you to be open, warm, and kind. It will bring about a willingness to give joy and happiness to others.

Positivity:  It's believed to repel negative energies and replace them with high, positive vibes.

Creativity:  Since sunstone influences both the second and third chakras, it's the perfect tool to align your creative and willpower centers. 

Strength:  Sunstone will give you an extra boost of energy when you’re feeling stressed or under the weather. It’s a natural anti-depressant, so it will also keep sad thoughts and emotions away.

Intuition:  Sunstone will heighten your intuition and strengthen your instincts. They will be right most of the time, too.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Excellent stone of transformation
  • Bring warmth to the soul
  • Make you feel vibrant and alive
  • Welcome positive energy in the home
  • Boosts your sense of self-empowerment
  • Helps clear negative energy
  • Helps in boosting leadership qualities
  • Overcomes depression
  • Keeps the negativity away
  • Helps to improve love relations
  • Increases metabolism, digestion, and vitality


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Libra, Leo


Those born under the banner of Libra will love the fiery glow of the Sunstone. Librans are known for their sublime sense of idealism, their just and fair approach to life, and their gracious connections to friends and strangers. They can also be indecisive and a little self-pitying and tend to go well out of their way to avoid confrontations as they often fear the worse. The Sunstone helps by bringing the sparkle back to this side of their nature. It’s a stone that reminds them that they can own their power and present their boundaries without losing love or friendship. The Sunstone is also a perfect fit for individuals born as Leos, given their blazing, influential personalities and abundance of conviction. What truly sets Leo apart from the others is his big-heartedness, coziness, and ever-sunny demeanor. After all, the Sunstone highlights and complements Leo's appealing character features, allowing him to cultivate his rich management skills and enjoy a long and fantastic life.


What Chakra is Sunstone?

Balances the sacral chakra and solar Plexus chakra as well as Connects with the heart chakra Just like the sunlight chasing away shadows, the Sunstone is a cleanser of negative energy and ever ready to get to work on shifting blocks from your chakras. The sacral chakra is all about welcoming that confidence, stirring up our life forces and inner chi, and boosting creativity and manifesting desire. When we clear our sacral chakra we overcome fear and step into our fullest power. When placed on the solar plexus chakra, this healing crystal might help you manage seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and improve your mood.  This stone is also linked to the Heart Chakra, which tells us where to provide and accept affection appropriately and how to develop good connections and ties with individuals who offer us balance and the correct sort of vitality. It shows us how to put our confidence in others.


How to Cleanse & Charge Sunstone?

Cleanse with water or smudging and Charge by sunlight or moonlight

Even with its bright and bountiful personality, it is still important to keep your Sunstone cleansed and charged and splashed in the spirit of good vibrations. You can cleanse your Sunstone by smudging it with a little sweetgrass, sage, or whatever your favorite healing herb is. You can also keep it in the company of crystal clusters so it has a place to send that energy or you can run it under a flow of gentle warm water to instantly wash those bad vibes away. If you want to charge your Sunstone up you can leave it in a slant of sunlight. It comes as no surprise to hear that Sunstone adores the fiery rays. In the winter or times without a glut of golden sun, you can also charge by moonlight for balance or by burying your sunstone in a little rich earth.


 How to spot Fake Sunstone?

This can be tricky, telling if your Sunstone is real or not can be difficult due to the fact that Sunstone can come in such a wide range and variety of colors. But, in saying that, the one sure way you can count on to check if your Sunstone is the real deal is by looking for that shimmering glow it gives when held in the sun. The higher the quality of the stone, the more gold/copper flecks it will have and the easier it will be to tell that it’s a Sunstone. If you’re looking to add some light and warmth to your life, this is the gem for you!


Final Thoughts

Sunstone is happy, happy, happy. These is one of those crystals that is brimming with endless energy and ever ready to pick you up into positive power. There are no exceptions to this, and these stones will not rest until their users are vibrating at the very same frequency as they do. Your good nature, natural intuition and most real-self will be prompted to flow through in profound ways. Powered by the radiance of the sun and the strength of its fire, Sunstone brings power and energy from within the earth and straight into your life. It will also help bring the wisdom to your heart in alignment with the inspiration of your mind, and it will be beautiful and wonderful! Sunstone is a warm, beautiful crystal that has so many benefits when applied to crystal healing. It  can be used for brightening bad days, strengthening your power, and shifting blockages from the sacral chakra. It brings clarity, vitality and life giving magic to those who need an extra burst of brightness. From the emotional to the physical, this stone has many applications to bring you a warm, positive energy into your everyday life. For those who seek a healing gemstone that helps to motivate, raise your sense of worthiness, and brighten darker moods, the Sunstone can be your golden glow.

Rose Quartz


As we all know gemstones are known for their shimmery grace and impeccable benefits. They have certain power to transform the energies and bring positivity and enlightenment in your life. One such gemstone that can beautify your life and heal all wounds and sorrows is a Rose Quartz. One of the most common pink quartz, and one of the prettiest, rose quartz is an excellent addition to any crystal enthusiast’s collection. The incredible Rose Quartz has a hexagonal crystal system, typically with a pale pink color. Rose Quartz is a light rose pink quartz. It is a crystal of universal and unconditional love. The Rose Quartz meaning is greatly connected to its pink color. Pink represents gentleness, calmness, femininity, compassion and love. The gentle energy it carries support and rekindles relationships, bringing joy, passion and contentment. It’s delicate charm and soothing color give a calming effect to the mind and body. For those who are wooed by the whisper of this most gentle and romantic of all the crystals, let’s delve a little deeper and uncover the sacred secrets and the healing properties of Rose Quartz.


Healing Properties

♥ Unconditional love ♥ Self-love ♥ Mother love ♥ Caring ♥ Kindness ♥ Friendship ♥ Romantic love ♥ Physical healing ♥ Positivity ♥ Relieve stress ♥ Attraction ♥ Good luck

Unconditional love: Rose quartz is perhaps best known for being the stone of unconditional love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.

Self-love: It’s believed among crystal healers that rose quartz can promote feelings of self-love. Once you recognize and feel pure love within you, this pure love energy is what those around you feel and see and, most importantly, what they react to. It’s said to boost feelings of self-love.

Mother love: Rose Quartz supports the bond between mothers and their new born babies and can help both parents to feel calm and confident in caring for their infant.

Caring: Rose Quartz is also used as a calling card for those who crave more love in their lives. This doesn’t always need to take the form of romantic love, but more in finding a deep sense of compassion and care in this world – especially if it comes from one of the most important sources who can bring it – oneself.

Kindness: The light of healing is a gift that rose quartz presents is so generous that your soul will feel renewed and it will only possess hope, faith and kindness.

Friendship: It is used as amulets to bring love and to resolve arguments between friends. It is a symbol of friendship.

Romantic love:  It will stimulate the love in your life. It will kindle joy and romantic feelings, and make you more comfortable in asking for what you want from your partner.

Physical Healing: The rose quartz is also believed to have benefits for physical health, particularly when worn or carried on your body.

Positivity: Rose quartz wards off negativity, and when carried on your person, helps to replace negative emotions with positive, returning the wearer to that place of pure love and balance.

Relieve Stress: Rose Quartz can be effective for your mental health. It aids in relieving tension and stress.

Attraction: Rose Quartz is known as a stone of love making it a great gem for encouraging attraction and connection. 

Good Luck: It has very strong intuitive energies. It will attract a lot of good luck. Especially if you are hoping for something to give you strong monetary returns.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Good for bedroom altars
  • Can be used in beauty routines
  • Encourages connection
  • Attunes to goddess energy
  • Good for pregnancy 
  • Inspire an attitude of compassion and kindness
  • promote mutual understanding
  • Heal relationship problems
  • Releases emotional baggage
  • Attracts love and joy 


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Taurus, Libra


Intrinsically linked with the Zodiac of Taurus, Rose Quartz with its pink quartz shimmer is the perfect match for this sensitive sign. It’s a stone that recognizes that there may be times when this hard headed nature can work against the best interests of Taurus and so it brings open-hearted compassion to the table to help Taureans learn to go with the flow a little more. Libra’s too can fall hard for the finery of Rose Quartz as their birthstone. It helps them to tune into their real thoughts and to cast aside superficial fantasies about love. Libra’s too can fall hard for the finery of Rose Quartz as their birthstone. It helps them to tune into their real thoughts and to cast aside superficial fantasies about love. 

What Chakra is Rose Quartz?

The Rose Quartz stone is strongly attached to both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. Rose Quartz is linked with the heart chakra signifying its association with unconditional love. The heart chakra is one of the most important avenues to align, its where we learn to trust, to give, and to receive the world in all her rare splendor. As it is intricately connected to the heart chakra, this crystal is often used in helping the heart heal from the pain or trauma left from deep emotional wounds. Rose quartz has a very strong effect on the heart. It can open up your mind to love and soothes negative influences immediately. The ethos of Rose Quartz is to align your tender heart softly yet energetically with true and loving compassion.


How to Cleanse & Charge Rose Quartz?

Cleanse with salt water or smudging and Charge in moonlight

Keep your Rose Quartz as clear as the beat of your heart so that it remains unclouded and open to bringing all the possibilities of love into your life. From smudging to clearing and cleansing in spring water, these tips will ensure that your Rose Quartz and its healing energy stays true. Place it underwater for a full day. In order to recharge the crystal, leave it submerged in saltwater for at least 48 hours, or longer if at all possible. Smoke cleansing is another way. Use sage or incense stick and cleanse the crystal with the smoke. Being at one with the feminine divine, Rose Quartz is a great crystal to charge beneath the light of the moon. You can charge the rose quartz crystal under the sun or the moonlight for limited hours. 


 How to spot Fake Rose Quartz?

If the crystal has a lot of inclusions or bubbles, it is likely to be fake. If the Rose Quartz is dyed, it will not be clear and translucent. The easiest way to tell if a Rose Quartz crystal is real or fake is to hold it up to the light. If it is real, you will be able to see through it. If it is fake, you will see only a solid color. Real stones are normally lacking in good transparency and will be slightly opaque. It also normally has white streaks embedded in the actual crystal stone.


Final Thoughts

Rose quartz is all about the vibrations of love. If you are looking for love in your life, or you need healing from a love that did not work out, this should be your crystal or stone of choice. Rose quartz is the physical manifestation of love. It’s a close friend showing up when you’ve had a rough week and it’s the voice inside your head cheering you on every day, especially when you’re feeling down. It’s a priceless tool in fostering compassion, acceptance, and warmth. Rose Quartz can be effective for your mental health. It aids in relieving tension and stress. Also, it is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children. It provides beautiful dreams and prevents nightmares or night terrors. Rose Quartz is said to help protect the mother and unborn child from problems within pregnancy, meaning that it carries the aura of compassion and peace and the warmth of mothering. Rose Quartz speaks softly to all kinds of love; from healing communication with family to developing a deeper bond with spouses and friends, and even bringing sweeter notes of self-care into your own world. Hence,the blushing hue of Rose Quartz seems to snag everyone’s heartstrings. There is something about this soft and feminine crystal that oozes pure love.

Red Aventurine


Red Aventurine is a red transparent to semi-transparent crystal, it is characterized by a shimmery appearance and a glistening finish. The red color of the Aventurine indicates the presence of Hematite and/or Goethite inclusions in the stone. It is an eye-catching crystal that is adored by many for its magnificent shimmery appearance. This lovely warm stone transmits the energies of creativity, manifestation, personal willpower, and rooted inner strength. It draws upon the elements of Earth and Fire to increase the flow of prana, or life force, in re-vitalizing the physical body and focusing its energy to get things done. Red Aventurine will clear the negative energies and balance your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Take a look at all the ways Aventurine brings its golden glimmer to your world.


Healing Properties

♥ Creativity ♥ Imagination ♥ Independence ♥ Prosperity ♥ Calmness ♥ Career success ♥ Balance ♥ Willpower ♥ Manifestation ♥ Passionate love ♥ Boost confidence

Creativity: It stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity. This is an ideal stone for someone who is in the creative world and is feeling a little bit stuck in their ways.

Imagination: Red Aventurine healing properties prevent creative blocks and unleash the full flow of imagination. It will spark ideas in your brain that you didn't even think were possible. 

Independence: Red Aventurine will increase your personal power and stimulate your individuality. It will strengthen your sense of independence and leadership.

Prosperity: Along with ‘Stone of Opportunity’ it is also known as ‘Stone of Prosperity’. If you find yourself in times of scarcity or heartbreak, an Aventurine stone will assist in the attraction of financial prosperity.

Calmness: It helps you to get rid of thought wandering. It keeps your mind on one particular task. It calms your mind and brings focus and one-pointedness. 

Career Success: Better job business opportunity & luck is the first priority to use this stone.

Balance:  I  t’s a stone that works to bring a jangly nervous system back into balance.

Willpower: It always encourages the person to make strong decisions with willpower and determination in business and jobs because it always reminds us that luck or good luck is within us and not present in another or outer world.

Manifestation: This stone is a stone of manifestation, and it will help you achieve all that you want to happen.

Passionate Love: It will increase your love, passion, and desire for your significant other. It will also bring back the excitement and enthusiasm in your relationship that will inspire you to create new goals together.

Boost Confidence: An intoxicating healing property of Red Aventurine is the ability to help boost your confidence. It enables us to see that life can throw us anything we need to manage. As a result, our leadership abilities and decision-making abilities are enhanced.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Balances the nervous system
  • Controls your temper
  • Enhance blood flow and circulation
  • Helps with fertility issues
  • Brings abundance and positivity
  • Encourages decisive action
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Helps you overcome old patterns
  • Connects you to a higher realm 
  • Boosts your creativity
  • Balances the male-female energies
  • Diffuses negativity
  • Balance and harmony in the home
  • Absorb electromagnetic smog and other environmental pollutants

Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Aries, Virgo


Red Aventurine is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. This stone emits the energy of positivity, strength, high energy, and courage, which align perfectly with the brave, optimistic, and courageous attributes of the Aries signs. Also Red Aventurine zodiac is famously beneficial for Virgo, as these crystals are ideal for inspiring luck and prosperity in those career-driven individuals. These gemstones also help them access their emotions a little more and open up to those around them.


What Chakra is Red Aventurine?

Red Aventurine is associated with both the Root chakra and the Heart chakra. It will help cleanse your body physically and spiritually by placing it near your Base Chakra. When you place the gemstone near your Root Chakra, it vibrates positive energy that activates it and helps you get rid of any negative symptoms. As a result, you will only recognize positive emotions associated with the stone, such as leadership ability, honesty, and effective communication. It balances and activates your root chakra to feel totally collected and calm even under pressure. Not only that, but Red Aventurine is also closely attached to the Heart Chakra which explains its soothing, kind, and loving energies that heal your emotions and inspire you to accept yourself as who you are and be acknowledgeable of your own magnificent worth. To enhance manifestation in your life, pair your Red Aventurine with other solar plexus chakra stones.


How to Cleanse & Charge Red Aventurine?

Cleanse with water or smudging and Charge for a sort time in sunlight

It is imperative to always keep in mind that a crystal absorbs the released negative energies. Therefore, when it has fully absorbed your energy, it can no longer emit its own, and this is why you must regularly clean your crystals. There are several different ways to cleanse crystals. You may want to cleanse it with smoke by burning an herb like palo santo, cedar, or sage. You can also wash it in flowing water. Also you can use the rainwater to clean it, the more natural the more helpful for the stone to regain its energy produced when wearing it. Along with cleansing, you may also want to charge it to boost its energy. Red Aventurine should be charged for a couple of hours in sunlight.  


How to spot Fake Red Aventurine?

Aventurine is a translucent crystal that belongs to the Quartz family, it is characterized by a unique shimmery appearance that is truly particular. Fake Aventurine on the other side is characterized by bright dyed colors with a very faint shimmery finish which looks like big glitter chunks.   You can test this by scratching your stone against a piece of glass or with a knife. Real Aventurine is hard enough to withstand scratching by a knife with no effect on its surface. It will also scratch glass. Common imitation materials like glass or plastic will not leave a scratch on glass and will also be scratched easily by a knife.   


Final Thoughts

Red Aventurine is a lively energy dose of vitality, strength, and exalted manifestation powers. It boosts your self-confidence, raises your self-esteem, and amplifies the good nurturing energies around you to manifest your ultimate desires. You will understand you can get things done and be dedicated to whatever you do with Red Aventurine. The energy transmitted by this radiant red gem enhances your energy levels and encourages you to get things done so you can check all the boxes on your to-do list. As, this stone will promote positive thinking and strengthen your drive to complete tasks which you have begun. This crystal will also guide you to deal with unexpected life situations with ease, peacefulness, and inner stability. Moreover, red aventurine brings high energy, courage, and joy to its wearer. it helps keep the morale up during challenging times and aids in maintaining a positive and hopeful state of mind. It guides you to manifest your visions by encouraging you to take action and be highly devoted to your desired goals. 





Pyrite stone is a fiery crystal known for its golden color. Pyrite has a bright metallic luster. Because of its gold color and metallic luster, it’s often mistaken for gold, which is how it earned the nickname of “Fool’s Gold”. When you observe pyrite, you may see the metallic luster and light yellow. It gleams when exposed to light, and  for this reason, pyrite was often confused with real gold. This golden-hued gemstone got its name for the Greek word pyr, which means "fire". Pyrite's meaning is purity and unblocks creativity. The pyrite stone brings energetic shelter as well as motion to old, stagnant thoughts and patterns.  It encourages strength and leadership qualities, inviting you to step up to your own potential because your willpower and well-being are ever in check. Pyrite has many healing powers that manifest physically and mentally. It's a stone that's all about keeping you strong and out of danger, so it heals your physical body and also supports your emotional well-being as a result. If you want to know more about the healing powers and protective properties of Pyrite keep reading.


Healing Properties

♥ Vitality ♥ Mental stability ♥ Abundance ♥ Creativity ♥ Psychic development ♥ Memory ♥ Ward off evil ♥ Money manifestation ♥ Channeling abilities ♥ Learning and Perception

Vitality: Pyrite will give you energy and vitality during stressful times.

Mental Stability: If you lack physical strength, mental clarity, or motivation, having this stone in the room will infuse you with vigorous and inspired energies.

Abundance: It will aid the flow of money and increase the amount of abundance in terms of financial opportunities in your life. 

Creativity: Pyrite can do much to help get your creative juices flowing.

Psychic Development: This beautiful golden crystal has a powerful energy and it works wonders with the intellect and psychic powers. 

Memory: It stimulates the mind and improves memory, making it easier to recall important information when needed. 

Ward off Evil:  This protective stone also protects you from bad energy and keeps evil spirits at bay. 

Money Manifestation: If you wish to use this stone to attract money and good luck, meditate with this stone. Focus on yourself and on attracting all the energies that will help you make this intention a reality.

Channeling Abilities:  This stone will also guide you in unlocking your channeling abilities 

Learning and Perception: It can be used to help with learning disabilities

Pyrite will boost your intelligence, learning, and perception.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Builds strength and stamina
  • Helps the body fight viral infections
  • Boosts confidence levels
  • Helps overcome fears and anxieties 
  • Protects from negative energy
  • Boosts confidence and leadership capabilities
  • Help with fertility issues
  • Attracting wealth and abundance
  • Boost your self-esteem and inspire you
  • Improve both physical and mental well-being


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Leo

When it comes to Pyrite’s destiny being written in the stars, the glimmering golden stone is known for being an amazing match for Leo. All their traits of being strong, proud, and ever ready for action are beautifully complemented by the golden nature of Pyrite. In fact, Pyrite even works to fill in the gaps, helping those strong-headed Leos to stay protected when they may be veering over into aggressive territory. This crystal helps keep Leos safe in a hostile environment. They stay balanced and grounded to ensure they are prepared for whatever life throws at them. 

What Chakra is Pyrite?

The chakra most closely connected to is the solar plexus. The solar plexus chakra is represented by the color yellow and can be found in the centre of the abdomen. It is responsible for our sense of self-value, confidence, and expression. This center controls creativity and sensuality. It is also the center of gravity in the body and thus is responsible, along with the Base chakra, for keeping us grounded and connected to the world. Pyrite has a beneficial effect on this chakra and can bring it into harmony with both the Base and the Solar Plexus. 


How to Cleanse & Charge Pyrite?

Cleanse by smudging and Charge by placing in earth

Pyrite has quite particular requirements for cleansing and care. While it cannot be held underwater for long periods of time, lukewarm soapy water can help to keep it shiny and clean. A soft cloth may be used to restore lustre. Instead of washing with water, you can smudge it with sage or other herbal smoke. By smudging your pyrite you are wafting away that bad energy and as this stone is connected to the fire world (remember the name Pyrite comes from fire), it reacts extremely well to a smoke centric cleansing. To recharge pyrite you can place it in the earth to let it grow richer in its natural element. You can also bury it in sea salt for a few hours to let it go through a truly deep cleanse and recharge. 


How to spot Fake Pyrite?

There are many ways to identify a real pyrite crystal. Firstly, you will need to look for the sharp, geometric edges that fool’s gold often has, as well as a brassy, metallic color that is lighter and brighter than gold. Secondly, pyrite is known to be a brittle stone, so scratches should be difficult to make. It is also a light stone, so any significant heaviness may indicate falseness. Copper is softer than Pyrite. Therefore, if you try to scratch a piece of copper with Pyrite, it will leave a mark on the copper as well.


Final Thoughts

Pyrite is a great stone to have around if you want to protect your body, heal your mind, and facilitate deeper inner strength and success. Pyrite is the crystal of protection, offering an energetic shield that safeguards your mind, body and spirit against negative forces. A pyrite crystal’s ability to unblock creative flow and amplify leadership skills may also enable you to attract financial abundance. Spiritually, it can unblock the sacral and solar plexus chakras, clear out toxic thinking, and reawaken your senses that lead to a zest for life. Pyrite is a great symbol of prosperity and good fortune, and it should always be present in your workspace! This stone will bring a revitalizing energy into your workplace, assisting you in overcoming tiredness, procrastination, and a lack of dedication. Pyrite, moreover, maintains your enthusiasm intact and prevents you from being broken by external pressures. Your Pyrite crystal will assist you in seeing things clearly while staying as good as gold and allowing kindness, rather than harshness, to guide you through the often difficult realities you uncover.


Moss Agate


Get closer to nature with the earthly treasure of the Moss Agate stone. Also known as mocha stone, is a gemstone renowned for the greenish filaments that seem to resemble creeping moss or other vegetation. It’s given the name Moss Agate because of the green dendritic inclusions that bear a resemblance to moss.  Agate is usually a banded material, meaning you can see bands around the gemstone. Their patterns are shaded in browns and blacks. The stone is also said to be able to help heal numerous physical ailments and have wonderful psychological effects on its bearer. Just like oxygen-rich plants, this stone works wonders on the immune system and delivers exceptional anti-inflammatory properties to give your body the boost it needs. Moss Agate is a magical stone, its hues bring you back to nature no matter how far away you are. Keep reading to find out more about the rare splendor of Green Moss Agate.


Healing Properties

♥ Prosperity ♥ Success ♥ Abundance ♥ Compatibility ♥ Healing ♥ Fertility of plants ♥ Creativity ♥ Confidence ♥ Strength ♥ Development of new friendships ♥ Finding a compatible lover ♥ Grounding

Prosperity: Moss Agate is a beautiful stone for individuals looking to increase their economic prowess because of its link to innovation and prosperity.

Success: Moss Agate carries energies of persistence and endurance, as well as of success, wealth, and prosperity.

Abundance: It can be worn on your body or carried in your pocket or purse to invite financial abundance.

Compatibility: It will give you the chance to enhance your friendships and strengthen your compatibility with others.

Healing: Moss Agate is very effective in healing emotional trauma.  

Fertility of plants: Moss Agate is a great stone for gardeners as it improves the fertility of the land.

Creativity: It can also help you to manifest your goals and dreams by boosting your creativity and optimism. 

Confidence: Moss Agate has an uncanny potential to lift you up and give you the confidence needed to tackle any challenge. 

Strength: This stone’s energies will also strengthen your etheric body and stabilize your physical body, bringing balance and increasing your overall well-being.

Development of new friendships: It will give you the chance to enhance your friendships and strengthen your compatibility with others.

Finding a compatible lover: A benefit of Moss Agate is one that will help bring new relationships into your life. 

Grounding: This green stone has a balanced enduring energy and grounding ability.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Encourage growth, fertility, and abundance
  • Boost your creativity and optimism.
  • Shield you from negative energy.
  • Soothes and calms you
  • Help you to concentrate mentally
  • Provides balance and stability 
  • Helps you embrace the Good 
  • Brings new friendships
  • Healing from heartbreak
  • Nurture and grounding


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Virgo

Moss Agate makes for a great companion birthstone for all those Virgos out there. As Virgos tend to be super detail orientated and sometimes a little too into their own heads, the Moss Agate can help to tempt them out of their shell and into a little more spontaneity. It’s also a great stone for raising up your self-esteem, another bonus point for the zodiac sign of Virgo who can also get attached to the idea of what other people may think about them. For Virgos who are seeking to strike that balance between being content in their own soul but not being closed off to possibility, Moss Agate is here to help you welcome in a whole new world of wonders.


What Chakra is Moss Agate?

Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra. It’s said to be able to stabilize one’s aura and eliminate negative energies. It has a very powerful cleansing effect on the body. Moss agate is said to help resolve any blockages and balance the heart chakra. Moss Agate will bring supportive energy to your heart chakra so that you can achieve healing from your emotional issues. The Root Chakra is likewise connected to the vibrations of this gemstone. It allows us to communicate with the environment and appreciate the vastness of the cosmos. Moss Agate brings calming and regulating qualities to your subconscious mind, allowing you to handle depressive episodes and angry outbursts better. The powers of this gemstone will help prop up your astral and physiological bodies, providing harmony and boosting general well-being. Moss Agate also has a strong affinity with the Third Eye Chakra. It will improve your spiritual abilities and enhance your internal sight.


How to Cleanse & Charge Moss Agate?

Cleanse with water or smudging and Charge by nature

Moss Agate can be cleansed by smudging it with lavender or sage as it adores both of these healing and strongly soothing herbs. You can also run your Moss Agate under water to wash those toxic vibes away. Another way to charge is to simply stash your Moss Agate in the presence of plants or greenery. This is a stone that loves to be around nature and will get an instant kick from its leafy companions.


 How to spot Fake Moss Agate?

Moss Agate is a relatively easy stone to identify, and most fakes will not have the same properties as the real thing. Real Moss Agate is usually translucent and has a green or mossy appearance. It is also usually found in bands or stripes, which can be seen in certain light conditions. Fake Moss Agate is usually darker in color and does not have the same translucency as real Moss Agate. It is also usually found in one solid color, without any bands or stripes. If you are not sure whether or not a stone is real Moss Agate, you can do a simple test. Rub the stone with your thumb and forefinger. If it feels greasy, it is likely fake. If it is real Moss Agate, it will not feel greasy and will instead feel smooth and cool to the touch.


Final Thoughts

Moss Agate is an incredible stone for those who fall hard for the healing power of Mother Nature. The energies of Moss Agate may be modest, but it’s known to emanate energies that can change your life for the better. Moss Agate’s energies will help you release your deep-seated fears that are keeping you from having the life that you deserve. It can expand your personal space and allow you to do what you want to do. Just like nature, this stone works to soothe and calm and help you feel connected to the world both beneath your feet and above your head. Since Moss Agate resonates with your heart chakra, it will give you the chance to enhance your friendships and strengthen your compatibility with others. Moss Agate is also a wonderful stone that balances your physical, intellectual, and emotional energies. It also harmonizes your positive and negative forces. Having Moss Agate with you will highlight all the wonderful gifts that you possess, and it will help you end your suffering from challenging life circumstances. Moss Agate is a breath of fresh air to the wearer.



Labradorite is one of the most powerful and stunning semi-precious stones around the world. its full display colors expose it to become more attractive than the others. The spectacular colors you can see on Labradorite is called Labradorescence - this flash occurs when light shines on the crystal. If you want to awaken your inner magical powers, this stone can do it. It's a type of crystal known as a “stone of magic”, specializes in spiritual ability and enhances deeper connections. Also, Labradorite is known as the ‘stone of transformation’ and helps you to develop spiritually and emotionally. It’s a stone that shows the way to self-soothing, artistic ambition, cosmic energy, and enhancing our own mental clarity.  Let’s delve a little deeper into the true desires of Labradorite.

Healing Properties

♥ Transformation ♥ Promotes psychic abilities ♥ Strengthens ♥ Stimulates imagination ♥ Calming ♥ Cleansing ♥ Transformation ♥ Stress Relief ♥ Positivity ♥ Spirituality

Transformation: Labradorite will act as your guide in your unique spiritual transformation, shedding new light and color, and bring forth the manifestation of synchronicities and serendipities!

Promotes psychic abilities: Labradorite crystal can boost your psychic abilities and sharpen your intuition. Labradorite is also a stone of magic that can awaken your magical, mystical, or psychic abilities.

Strengthens:  It strengthens our inner worth and at the same time gives power to our physical body.

Stimulates imagination: If you are very busy day in and day out, whether at work or at home, it can stimulate your imagination and relax your overactive mind. It is also the center of imagination and balance.

Calming: Labradorite is said to help calm an overactive mind as well as relieve stress, anxiety, fear and insecurities.

Cleansing: It will cleanse your aura and work with your chakras to remove bad habits, thoughts, and feelings that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Transformation: Emotionally it is known as the stone of transformation and courage as it clears out any mental junk that is holding you back.

Stress Relief:  It is said to heal anxiety and stress in a person. It also considered helpful in treating depression and hopelessness.

Positivity:  Labradorite healing crystal has the ability to collect negative vibrations and releases positive ones to create a good mood.

Spirituality:  This stone is usually used to meditate and balance your aura. Labradorite crystal meaning has a magical ability to promote growth to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. 


Metaphysical Properties

  • Helps ignite the imagination
  • Clams the monkey mind
  • Stabilizes moods
  • Clears anxiety 
  • It increases faith and trust 
  • Boosts self-determination
  • Protection from inside and out
  • It boosts courage, strength, and confidence
  • It can also help deal with mental health issues
  • A magnet of good luck for misfortunes.
  • It clears, balances, and protects the aura.
  • It attracts success to the bearer.


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Libra, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Labradorite does not consist of any traditional birthstone. But some sources believe that blue labradorite are somehow connected to those individuals born in February and March and it is based on its color approach that brings high respect and patience. Other experts telling about Libra stone and Cancer also have connections to the sparkling color of labradorite. And for some modern reading, labradorite is put as a birthstone for those who are born under the zodiac sign of Leo for some spiritual and earthly connections. Labradorite certainly seems like a fabulous fit to this wild and free-flowing water sign pisces. As pisces may hold on to memories and stories that no longer bring the lessons of joy, and Labradorite can be a great stone at bringing that gentle nudge towards learning to let things go. It is also considered to calm Leo's mind and creates creativity while wearing this. Based on Astrology answers, this stone is good and helpful to those who are in the birthstone of Leo, Scorpios, and Sagittarius but still not considered as a traditional birthstone.

What Chakra is Bloodstone?

Labradorite is connected to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. It is a stone that is connected to deep communication, commitment to clarity, and calling on your wisdom and intuition. When our throat chakra is open we can communicate our needs and connect authentically with the world around us. When our third eye is open, we can learn to have faith in our own judgment. Labradorite with the third eye chakra, which is connected to the intellect, insight, and intuition. Holding a piece of Labradorite in your hand is often all you need to open that third eye chakra to new concepts, new ideas, and fascinating insights into how to improve life for yourself and your loved ones. Labradorite connects you with the energy of light. Its healing properties open the third eye chakra while magnifying your intentions. Labradorite with Crown chakra illuminates you from getting affected by evil and building connections to your state of mind. It functions primarily to increase connections between your spiritual and physical world. 


How to Cleanse & Charge Bloodstone?

Cleanse with water or smudging and Charge by sunlight or moonlight

It’s important to keep your Labradorite gemstone cleansed and clear so it can radiate the highest levels of energy it has to share. As a water stone, Labradorite doesn’t shy away from the touch of water and this is one of the simplest and best ways to keep it clean. Simply hold your Labradorite underwater and if needed, use a little soap to cleanse it properly as long as you rinse it thoroughly. This will clear your stone of all that collected negative energy and keep it bright and ready for crystal healing. If you want to give your Labradorite stone a recharge, its best to leave it in a slice of moonlight for 24 hours. It finds the moonlight a trusted source of sublime energy. Labradorite will also recharge in the sun, but as the light of the sun may cause your stones coloring to fade, it is best to wait for the veil of night to enhance its spiritual energy. 


 How to spot Fake Bloodstone?

A real Labradorite should have some element of iridescence to it. At one angle it may look flat or gray but by turning it in the light, you may see other color changes seep through. The clearer the striations and the wider the range of colors, the more beautiful the labradorescence is likely to be. If the gemstone doesn’t shift in shade or have any change of color, this could be a hint that it’s not a real Labradorite. Also, real labradorite is harder than fake. Fake can be scratched by a knife, glows under UV, and commonly occurs as a thin plate.


Final Thoughts

Labradorite is a luscious crystal to bring into your life. This stone shimmers with the color blue. Blue symbolizes the beginning of life and the ever-changing nature of emotions. Even if you are just looking for a beautiful stone that gets your creative juices flowing, Labradorite is ever ready to be your muse. It is an important crystal because it can help you with your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It’s a great companion crystal that can guide you in your journey of self-discovery. It will clear and balance your aura so that you will continuously attract the best kind of energies. Labradorite is a crystal to work with to feel confident and self-empowered, to follow your dreams and ultimately achieve what you want in life. Labradorite is said to bring out the best in people! Labradorite teaches us how to bring life-giving energy to all areas of our souls – from the body to the mind. Having labradorite will help you unfold your true life purpose and uncover your destiny.



The howlite stone is not a gemstone that many people know by name and it’s perhaps best known as an imitation stone. This stone is unique from other gems as it can be dyed plenty of different colours to make it look like other semi-precious stones. White howlite stones are also known as magnesite. These stones are most commonly found to have a colour scheme that consists of chalky white tones with black veins running through them. Howlite is also known by the names White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, White Turquoise, Silico Boro Calcite, and Kaolinite. Emotionally, howlite is a stone of patience and perspective. This beautiful white stone represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness. As with all white sacred gemstones, Howlite can bring peace and clarity of mind – its black lines, however, signify that the mind is still at work, focused, not shut off. Howlite is a crystal of compassion, as well. If you want to know more about the healing benefits of Howlite keep on reading.


Healing Properties

♥ Strength ♥ Inspiration ♥ Creativity ♥ Relieve stress ♥ Fearless ♥ Support relationship ♥ Focus ♥ Peaceful sleep ♥ Imagination ♥ Spirituality 

Strength: The energies of howlite will strengthen your positive character traits. Your strengths will be your driving force, and your weaknesses will be your inspiration to become better!

Inspiration: The energies of howlite will also inspire you to generate new and wonderful ideas. It will keep you feeling inspired until you make progress.

Creativity: Howlite can heighten your creativity and boost your desire for self-expression.

Relieve Stress: This calming stone is help reduce our levels of stress and anger through absorbing negative energies.

Fearless: Howlite can help you become more fearless when it comes to your choices and decisions. 

Support Relationship: Howlite will give you a peaceful mindset and strengthen your commitment to your partner and your relationship.

Focus: It’s the best stone for people who have a hard time focusing or calming their minds. It will relieve you of any stress or anxiety and help you focus on the more important things.

Peaceful Sleep: Howlite can aid in the treatment of insomnia. If you would like to sleep peacefully and enjoy vivid dreams, keep howlite underneath your bed.

Imagination: It's a fantastic gemstone to have if you're looking for encouragement or imagination.

Spirituality: This can help you deepen your spiritual connection and understanding of the universe by being able to better collect and retain information about the spiritual realm. 


Metaphysical Properties

  • Cleanser of negative energy
  • Mop up bad vibes
  • Stone of awareness
  • Desire to learn
  • Improves patience
  • Alleviates insomnia
  • Boosts ambition
  • Promote serenity of mind 
  • Excellent for sleep
  • Strengthens the memory
  • Regaining emotional balance


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Gemini, Virgo


Howlite crystal meaning on birthstone is associated with Geminis. With its pale coloring, its flowing energy, and its ability to temper all kinds of emotions it should come as no surprise that howlite loves to hang with Gemini. The Gemini zodiac sign and howlite are two peas in a pod – both beautifully balancing each other out. Geminis are known for being outspoken and for their lack of focus. Howlite resonates with Geminis by teaching patience and directing pent up energy towards productive causes. For Virgo, constantly analyzing and trying to maintain order can be exhausting. Howlite’s ability to calm the mind can bring much needed relief to meticulous and over skeptical Virgo thoughts. 

What Chakra is Howlite?

It has vibrations that directly resonate with the root and crown chakras. This in itself is quite a unique combination, as the stone can open up portals on opposite points of the body. With this white stone, our root chakras become fully connected to the earth and all of the energy that it provides, while at the same time, we are able to stay in direct contact with our higher selves. It is very rare for all these connections to happen all at once. Howlite is here to connect with the crown chakra and to remind us not to trawl through the swamp when we could be leaping towards serenity and knowledge. It’s a stone that is thirsty for knowledge across all avenues and in particular when it comes to spiritual knowledge. Howlite helps balance and restore your Crown Chakra, keeping it open and free from negative energy or emotions that no longer serve you. Because the Crown Chakra is closely related to thought and emotion. Howlite also connects to the third eye chakra, the place of our infinite inner wisdom and deep heartfelt intuition.

How to Cleanse & Charge Howlite?

Cleanse with water or smudge and Charge by moonlight

These stones can very easily be cleaned simply by running them under flowing water. Howlite also loves to be charged by moonlight so leaving it in a beam of milky white on a cold clear night can instantly up its energy levels and make it zing. You can use incense or white sage smoke for this. Stored energies will be eliminated once the right kind of healing and cleansing smoke envelops your Howlite!


How to spot Fake Howlite?

One of the easiest ways to tell if your howlite crystal is fake is by looking at the lines on the stone. On a genuine howlite stone, the lines are not painted or drawn on, but will be sunken into the stone. If the lines appear on top of the stone rather than in it, it’s a fake. Turquoise is naturally a soft stone, but howlite is even softer.


Final Thoughts

Howlite is a beautifully beneficial stone for those who are looking to bring more calmness and less calamity into their world. Howlite is here to be that cleansing breath, that second of silence before the storm, the place where you gather yourself. So, if you’re looking for a gemstone that will give you comfort or calm you down when your world becomes too loud or chaotic, Howlite is your best bet. This stone can increase your knowledge, improve your memory, and make progress with anything that’s important to you. Also, it will give you emotional healing and help you tear down realities. With the help of this stone, you can expose the masks that certain people in your life hide behind! Perfect for balancing the temper, increasing patience, and promoting level-headedness, Howlite is a useful stone for your daily practices. Above all else, Howlite just wants you to be gentle in your own soul, life is tough at times and we all get led by our emotions before we have the chance to take a deep breath.


Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is perhaps one of the most popular and easily recognizable crystals around. Clear Quartz is also known as crystal quartz and is a mineral made of oxygen and silicone atoms. As the meaning of the name suggests, Clear Quartz is transparent and clear to white colored. It also goes by the name Rock Crystal. Clear quartz (AKA white quartz, crystal quartz, rock crystal and others) is perhaps one of the most popular stones in the healing crystal world and for good reason. Commonly referred to as “The Master Healer”, it’s a powerful and versatile tool that should be incorporated into everyone's toolbox. Clear quartz is not always clear as it often has inclusions and can sometimes even be cloudy. The Greek people used to call it ‘krystallos’, as Greek thinkers believed that it is nothing but the water in the hardest form. They too believed that it was created by their Greek gods. The word ‘krystallos’ means ‘ice’ in Greek. This word is later accepted by our world and now we call it ‘Crystal’. But the actual meaning of crystal was ice.  Let’s take a look at the Clear Quartz to celebrate its crystal king status.

Healing Properties

♥ Harmony ♥ Energy ♥ Healing ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Clarity ♥ Creativity ♥ Calmness ♥ Manifestation ♥ Positive vibe ♥ Stress relief ♥ Immunity ♥ Guidance

Harmony: The crystal brings the body back into balance by creating harmony amongst the chakras and aligning the spiritual body. It’s a crystal that adapts to who you are and works in harmony with your body, mind, and soul, to ensure you get all that you need.

Energy: Clear Quartz Crystals are energy amplifiers. Whatever energy you bring, they will amplify whether it's clear and concise, muddled or confused, angry and disconnected, or joyful and enlightened. 

Healing: Crystals function in a way that taps into the power and transforms healing light into energy. 

Psychic Abilities: The stone acts as a cleanser for the soul and in turn, enhances psychic abilities, aids in concentration, and improves memory.

Clarity: Clear quartz is a great stone for meditation since it can enhance mental clarity and emotional stability.

Creativity: Clear quartz stone can aid to foster focus, clarity, and creativity, making it an excellent stone to place on your desk or a shelf in the office.

Calmness: It calms your nerves and helps ground your energy.

Manifestation: It’s also often used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around a desire. It can help you to take this manifestation to the next level and to turn it into reality.

Positive Vibes: A shield against negative energy and infused with potent positive vibes, the Clear Quartz stone is a sublime emotional aid.

Stress Relief: Clear Quartz can relieve its bearer’s mental health from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Immunity: Consider a Clear Quartz to strengthen your immune system. The physical healing properties of this gemstone refine your resistance to any disease.

Guidance: The gemstone serves as a guiding light for its bearer’s soul. Clear Quartz paves the way for the spirit whenever it is out of sync.


Metaphysical Properties

  • Light bringer
  • Powerful amplifier
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Clears toxins
  • Protects against negative energy
  • Stimulates brighter feelings
  • Encourages spiritual growth
  • Brings purifying energy to the home
  • Aid concentration and memory


Zodiac Birthstone

The birthstone of Aries, Leo


Clear Quartz is a beloved birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Aries. The Aries personality veers towards being highly passionate and ambitious which are both amazing traits but can lead to burnout without the balance. Enter Clear Quartz with its calming cool touch and its ability to regulate emotional overdrive. Some people says, Clear Quartz is not a modern or traditional birthstone. It is also not connected to any particular Zodiac sign but it is known that it may help Leo in need of energy, Capricorn to reduce its stubbornness and help Gemini be more tolerant. It has a special connection to those born in April. It's also widely believed that it reduces the inherent stubbornness in Capricorns, boosts Leos' energy, and increases tolerance in those who are born under the zodiac sign of Gemini.


What Chakra is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz is known to be connected to the crown chakra which means it helps to clear and open the mind to higher potential and infinite cosmic possibility. It helps balance the crown chakra. Clear Quartz contains awakening powers that benefit the Third Eye Chakra. If you want to open your eyes thoroughly, this crystal should be your best pick. Its clearness empowers its bearer's Crown Chakra. The ability of Clear Quartz to establish a special connection between its bearers to the other realm. Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer which means it can help balance all the chakras. Due to the magnificent ability of this gemstone to amplify energy and vibrate in all color frequencies, it can harmonize with all the chakras. Moreover, it will maintain perfect alignment during the meditation process. Considering the connection of this stone to Angelic realm and other Higher realms, this crystal is particularly great for stimulating the Crown chakra. 


How to Cleanse & Charge Clear Quartz?

Cleanse with water or smudging and Charge in moonlight

You can cleanse them in lukewarm water and use a gentle soap to help rid your stone of any build-up of excess energy. Simply run it under water to wash away any blockages and use a soft dry cloth to polish. You can also set your Clear Quartz in a glass of mineral water to let it have a truly good soak. Remember that you may need to have a more delicate hand when cleansing quartz clusters. When the full moon comes along, bathe them in its light. This will help them to recharge. Those looking to bring a burst of life to their Clear Quartz can leave it to charge under a full moon or involve the crystal in a smudging session to waft away old energies and bring about the power of the new.


 How to spot Fake Clear Quartz?

Try to read some text through your clear stone and if it’s distorted in any way, your quartz is probably real. Fake quartz is often made from glass, so test out the hardness of your stone by using it to try to scratch a glass. If the glass is scratched, then your stone is likely real. A true Clear Quartz crystal will often be colorless and transparent. Sometimes the stone will have inclusions beneath the surface which gives it a slightly cloudy look in places. However, it won’t have any air bubbles inside. If you see air bubbles beneath the surface of your Clear Quartz. It is probably glass rather than a real crystal. Many Clear Quartz gems will also have tiny cracks, lines, and inclusions beneath the surface unless they are of the highest grade of superior quality.


Final Thoughts

Clear Quartz may look pure and simple compared to the rest of its sprawling family but this powerful stone knows how to hold its own when it comes to crystal healing. Clear quartz is a powerful addition to any crystal grid, altar, or collection. Clear Quartz has a profound ability to reflect your strengths and requirements. It is a nifty hand in delivering the healing properties of quartz. It is a glorious gemstone for clearing the mind, encouraging positive vibrations, and helping with spiritual growth too. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities.  It aids concentration and unlocks memory.  It can stimulate bright feelings, boost your immune system, and ensure that you are protected against negative energy and well-equipped to make decisions, understand your inner desires, and find your joy. Countless people have fallen in love with Clear Quartz because of the natural healing properties that it brings. With its simplistic aesthetic, this gemstone continues to wow anyone who holds it as a talisman.



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