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Clear Quartz Crystal Reiki Stones (reiki stone)

Reiki Stone Set, Engraved Symbols set of 4 Pcs

  • This Clear Quartz crystal reiki healing stone set with hand engraved golden usui reiki symbols contains 4 flat oval shape polished stones as shown in the picture.
  • Size of the reiki symbols oval stones are varies between 1.25 to 1.50 inches that is designed according to the palm size.
  • Set of 4 pieces reiki set has the Power symbol (Choku Rei), the Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei He Ki), the Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and the Master symbol (Dai Ko Myo).
  • It is used for Reiki Healing, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Concentration or Ritual. These palm stones can be fitted easily in your palm, can be carried it with you in your pocket no matter where you go.
  • All these Crystal Healing Reiki Sets comes with a company's authenticity certificate, and 100 days full money back guarantee if you are not satisfy with the quality of received stone.

**Product Sneak Peek**

- Top quality genuine gemstone
- Crafted & Handmade in India
- Energetically Cleanse
- Smooth against Skin (Excellent Finish Applied)

➤ Please note that colors may look different depending on your monitor and settings. Please also keep in mind that, As each stone is a unique natural creation please expect some slight variation in terms of color, texture, etc. Like us humans all crystals are imperfect in nature.
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